Salina Wali Khan wants to Dance Naked for Anna if Govt fails to pass his Bill!


It seems there is no dearth of women wanting to dance naked for some cause – worthy or not – in India these days. Earlier there was Poonam Pandey, who hit upon a novel idea to do the same if India won the World Cup. As the Indian team inched towards the cup, her popularity shot through the roof. And then.. India won the Cup. But Poonam Pandey reneged on her promise due to legal issues. Despite her pleadings and letters, no one allowed a desperate female model to go naked. Nevertheless she became a regular on the TV interview circuit then.

Now, its Salina Wali Khan a Delhi-based model, who is apparently so frustrated – with corruption of course – that she wants to dance naked for Anna Hazare if the Government does NOT pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. If the blackmail of hunger strike by a 74 year old wasn’t enough, now there is a 20-something threatening to bare it all.

Since one can easily mistake her sudden urge to go nude as a self serving move, specially when this act competes with the attention grabbing hunger strike by the old man, she lays out her mind clearly:

“My decision is not for gaining publicity. I am not like other models who make controversial claims for grabbing eyeballs. I am not doing it to be famous but for the common people.”

Huh! I couldn’t have EVER guessed that darling! Thanks for articulating the altruistic reasoning behind it. You are indeed profound.

But here is a suggestion. Given that the old man is hungry anyway – for food albeit – seeing someone as sexy as you dance in buff may hurt him where it matter the most right now. His energy levels! And if you indeed want him to succeed, why not dance in the Parliament. Politicians are an especially interested lot in such cultural activities. There are enough stories of N.D. Tiwari – the ex-Congress stalwart being a regular on the Red Light Circuit. Your act may save many a parliamentarians a trip and hopefully they can spend some time IN the Parliament as opposed to wandering all over.

And added benefit may be to give a mindset paradigm shift for our PM. With his thick glasses and economics-ridden brain, I doubt he has ever set eyes on something as sexy as you. It might do him a world of good. And who knows, he may wake up! The way he has been working it seems he has been on some drug for last several years. So much so, that I sometimes wonder if the real Dr. Manmohan Singh is in the custody of the enemies and they have planted a double to run the country. Depending what the reaction of the PM is to your naked dance in the Parliament, one may actually get a useful clue to that mystery as well!

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