The Silver Platter Theory and the Victim Mentality

The Silver Platter Theory and the Victim Mentality

I have seen and met a lot of folks from all countries and a lot from India who keep talking about how BAD the other person is! I have been following a discussion going on a topic called “Asian Nationalism” on Intentblog – where nationalism and victimhood were discussed.  Victimhood is a very common malaise that inflicts a lot of societies and people.

No one.. NO ONE.. and NO society, country or group exists for the altruistic good of others. We, in India, also have institutionlized racism but in the reverse – We call it reservations (which is good for no one really).

Now, I have a “Silver Platter” theory that applies to ALL competitive situations.  You see, you can either be in a collaborative situation or a competitive situation.  When you are in the former, you work for the common good.  When you are in the latter and know that your inability to take swift action can mean your downfall, and sometimes death, you need to preempt things and take action.

Lets take two opponents A and B. In a competitive situation there will something that A has which B wants which, of course, A would NOT hand over to B on a silver platter. The reverse is equally true! Now the challenge is pretty clear aint it? A needs to get B’s silver platter and keep his.. and B needs to keep his and take A’s.

The game is well laid out and whoever takes others wins. If A loses his .. well.. too bad for him! He wasnt well prepared! And he deserved to lose. If he starts blaming B for his loss he is no more than a whiner!

I remember very well when in the early 1990’s the Indian economy was opening up and foreign companies were coming into India. The ghost of East India company was erected again by the leftists and the socialists.

Its a FACT of HISTORY that East India Co. got its charter to do business in India from the Queen on JANUARY 1, 1600! The Battle of Plassey – first battle fought by British – was in 1774!

I have YET TO SEE another company that has a 175 years of strategic plan that it can follow to the T!

EIC ruled over India because we “deserved” IT! The way we were fighting each other, THANK YOUR STARS that we were not colonized by MAURITIUS! Because we were just truly RANK BAD in governance!

Mir Qasim brought Mir Jaffer down, who in turn plotted to bring Mir Qasim down.   So, pray what did we expect??

British took our silver platter while we knew the stakes!

If we didnt know the stakes to inaction and self affliction, well we should have just slept away to our death!

You cannot live in this world and expect the competition to be soft-gloved with you. Face it and fight it!

And its not like no one can do it.  Today after being lectured on Globalization, its the Asian businesses that are kicking the backside of the US businesses. Infosys today has LARGER market cap than Accenture! Today, the Americans are arguing AGAINST globalization – listen to that funny Lou Dobbs!

So, stop pointing fingers at US or West and simply understand YOUR stakes.  See if you have the need for the silver platter on the other side.  Otherwise if you want to just remain in your rut, just put up a sign called “Sitting Duck” and wait. World will run over you in due time!

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