SoniaG devastated as Dr. Singh finally speaks his mind out with a clear, unambiguous – “Theek hai?!!”

At the end of a very serious and precisely written and equally abidingly delivered speech, one which had not a word here or there, Dr. Manmohan Singh was relieved that his script was over.  The sock puppet looked up asked the photographer if all went fine – “Theek hai”?  Photographer was so taken in by the brilliance of the speech, where he was glued to the screen trying to understand how a man with a working brain pull of such a speech, that he forgot to switch off the camera!

In another day and age such speeches could easily have been used in place of Capital Punishment!  Make it mandatory for a criminal to listen to Dr. Singh’s speech for one week 24×7 every day, and the guy will either die “naturally” of boredom and depression, or commit suicide.  After all, if THIS is what and how the Prime Minister of this country speaks, what use is it to live there?

Dr. Singh is from a rare breed.  Breed of puppets, you see.  Indira Gandhi used to produce such specimen.  She died, but the glorious tradition continues.

But today was a rare day.  After he has displayed his abiding slavery to SoniaG, he happened to speak his mind fearlessly.  Such valor and courage has never been seen by anyone who has ever seen Dr. Singh.  But today, after a girl in Delhi had been raped, this “Father of 3 daughters” suddenly had his blood rushing through his mind and brain.  And he – in his own authoritative voice – asked the guy recording the interview.

THEEK HAI?!  (Is it ok?)

It wasn’t a scream.  As polite as the gentle morning breeze.  But its impact was that of a hurricane.  After all, if you send even a gentle breeze in a vacuum, it can feel like one.  In a rather thunderous display of emotions and individuality, Dr. Singh had FINALLY spoken.

In a country of misery and poverty, where movies are made to entertain and lighten the situation, Dr. Singh started a Twitter revolution to lighten the nation up.  A country reeling under the sorrow and anger of the Delhi Gang rape case, was given something to create humor.

He is PM.  And, he knows his stuff well.  Now is NOT the time to get serious…but to lighten up.  So, our guy played his part to lighten things up.

Unfortunately it didn’t work so well with SoniaG.  She was shocked beyond words!  How COULD this “sock puppet” get to be such a selfish, individualist?   How could he play with the script and say something of his own .. even at the end of the address.  Didn’t they tell the nice girls how and whom to speak to?  How could a nice PM become so unruly?

But now the cat was out of the bag.  Dr. Singh had broken all civilized boundaries and spoken up like never before!  In order to contain the damage of his utter betrayal to the nation which has sustained it all along…. and where he spoke up in his own revolutionary way.. that fateful and critical phrase full of profundity “Theek hai?”  – at once a question of deep meaning, and a statement of fact – establishment has swung into action.

While Digvijay had already contacted Arvind Kejriwal and Baba Ramdev to see if they have anything latest to say… so he could be against it anyway.

SoniaG’s other fans and those jealous of Dr. Singh have suggested the he doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously if he opens his mouth and speaks his own nonsense!  In any case, to limit the danger, the Government has suspended 5 Doordarshan employees for letting that moment of utter indiscretion go along with prime time speech unnoticed!  Since these 5 gentlemen worked in Doordarshan and happened to be “Breathing”, they bear the burden for letting the cat out!!

No more.  SoniaG has decided.  We can’t let Dr. Singh speak his own mind.  He has to follow the script.  Now that these 5 Doordarshan employees – nay, Devils – are out, democracy and humanity can function more freely!  At least the sock puppet PM can not be expected to take the nation to a precipice, as happened when he uttered those fateful words – “THEEK HAI”?

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