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Indian rapes and German rapes: a tale of Neo-Imperialism

We have talked about the unethical ways of the documentary – India’s Daughter – made about the Indian girl who was raped brutally in a moving bus.  All sane and normal policies of depiction of death and rape in Europe in general and in particular in UK were jettisoned!  Why was

19 Mar 15 6 min read

Urinary Pisspositions: Why are we missing the mark?

You are driving on a long interstate trip and you suddenly get all twisted because of the pressure in the stomach.  You need to go!  Meanwhile your wife has had a lot of coke and needs to relieve herself as well.  Exit after exit you are looking for a decent

03 Feb 15 6 min read

The “Perfect Crime”: Twin Brothers’ $5 mn Heist

This must be decidedly the most perfect crime, where the world knows that both brothers are criminal and yet they have the proof against one.  Don’t know which one though!!  And so they are free… but cannot use the returns of their loot 🙂 > In the early morning hours of

28 Feb 13 1 min read

German names – astonishing laws for names in Germany

German names?  What about it? People in India bitch about the lack of freedoms just because they have to abide by the rules of society and live within the laws. Foolish Indian activists want absolute freedom without any rules or laws. Strangely, the societies they hail in Europe have rules

13 Oct 05 5 min read

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