Natural Disasters

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Japan Calamity 2011: A potential Nuclear Catastrophe unfolding?

A nuclear catastrophe is potentially around the corner.  After the earthquake affected the Japanese nuclear plant, three explosions and a fire have occurred in four days.  Quite simply, the situation at Japan’s earthquake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is dire.  On Tuesday there was an explosion at plant’s No.

15 Mar 11 6 min read

Earthquakes and Icelandic Volcano

As freak an incident as Icelandic volcanic eruption may have been, it goes to show what weather and nature gone haywire can do to our best laid out plans. For many these were vacation plans.  Airlines are losing in milliions!  And people are suffering at the airports.. where there is

22 Apr 10 1 min read
Global Warming

We'll be Wet after we Heat up!

Congratulations!  We are right on track to heat things up a little bit.. in fact as hot as it hasn’t been in .. well.. 130,000 years! If we keep going at the rate we are going we could take the temperature of the Earth to rise 4 degrees F

23 Mar 06 2 min read

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