How Teesta Setalvad Made 2002 Gujarat Riot Victims Pay for Her Sanitary Napkins!

How Teesta Setalvad Made 2002 Gujarat Riot Victims Pay for Her Sanitary Napkins!

Teesta Setalvad has been at the forefront of activism on 2002 Gujarat riots from day one.  She has used her “activism” for the riot victims to the hilt.  Not only did she did forgery by simply putting in application of fake victims (to increase numbers!) and cooked up stories as well as tutor the victims, she has over the years indulged in smearing the country and its culture outside in many forums.  Apart from that, she has “misappropriated” huge sums of money she and her friends garnered in the name of Gujarat riot victims and used it for her own personal use.

In July 2015, the Gujarat Police had filed an affidavit saying how Setalvad and javed Anand  as trustees of CJP and Sabrang had by ‘diverse methods” gone on to “misappropriated the funds of charity and converted to their own use funds meant for the rehabilitation and welfare of the unfortunate victims of riots in Gujarat in Feb-March 2002,” including construction of “dream museum”.  They had spent all this money on consuming Wine, purchasing movie CDs, dining in top restaurants in Mumbai and things like Sanitary Napkins (and other women items), ear buds, wet wipes, nail clippers, even books which included romantic novels like Mills and Boons and Thrillers like Total Control, as well as Blackberry phone and other clothes and apparel. (Source)

Gujarat Police has collected documentary evidence that Teesta Setalvad and her husband Javed Anand usurped Rs. 3.85 crores and used it for personal use.  This is out of Rs 9.75 crores their NGO received for the wefare of 2002 riot victims.  ACP Rahul Patel also shared details of how Setalvad, Javed Anand, Center for Justice and Peace (CJP) and Sabrang have refused to cooperate in providing the documents required for the investigation into complaints by Gulbarg Society riot victims. (Source)

Prashant Bhushan defended her misappropriation by his own fuzzy logic:

Personal expenses incurred from her personal account are taken to amount to misappropriation of trust funds, merely because some reimbursements of trust expenses incurred from her personal account for the trust were made to her.

“Some reimbursements” were over 30% of the moneys for riot victims and these reimbursements included her wine and sanitary napkins.  One fails to understand why should a riot victim be paying for Setalvad’s sanitary napkins?!!  But that is how the “liberal” gang has defended this fraudulent NGO racketeer.

Here is Feeroz Khan Pathan Gulbarga Society (Ahmedabad) – who lost his family members and the house in the riots (house # 18, which was adjacent to that of Ehsan Jaffri) discusses the entire gamut of money-making that the “Secular group” consisting of Teesta Setalvad, Shabnam Hashmi, and Jaffri family have been upto.  Per his RTI work, he found that Teesta had only Rs 500 in her account before 2002, but post-2002, she made money in crores every year!

In the Second part he discusses how these unscrupulous “activists” used to collect money for even school fees of the kids of the riot victims but nothing from all that money ever reached the victims!  In fact, if these victims would go to meet her to collect money, she would make them sit for hours on end (5 hours or more) and then turn them back.  Many of those victims are now living a life of utter poverty, which the likes of Jaffri family, Teeta Setalvad, Shabnam Hashmi et al have been having a ball with foreign jaunts and free money!

Here is a good investigative report on how Teesta’s NGOs – Sabrang and CJP have been funded by Ford Foundation for “Communal Harmoney and Peace” initiatives in the name of fighting for Gujarat riots victims. Of course, as per her own Gujarat coordinator and erstwhile hit man, Raees Khan, she had become a threat to communal harmony herself! (Also Read:  Machiavellian Activism that Jeopardized National Security)

In his complaint to the police commissioner of Ahmedabad under Sections 65, 66 and 72 of the Information Technology Act, 2000, Khan on Thursday said he worked for six years as coordinator of Teesta’s Mumbai-based NGO, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), and was sacked in January 2008 after he refused to carry out certain orders “which were not in the interest of communal harmony”.

Not just this, but Teesta and her group of bleeding-heart activists have been indulging is smearing India in foreign fora to further their credentials of “Secular activists”. This is used all over the world by Western governments, specifically the US, to create “atrocity literature” which can be used when needed by them to put a country under sanctions or change the regime without any opposition.

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