The Drama of India-Pak NSA talks and the way forward

The meeting between NSAs of India and Pakistan, Ajit Doval and Sartaj Aziz, seems like a non-starter from get go.

The Pakistani side wants to meet the Hurriyat “leaders” before the meeting, because that helps “include” them in the whole equation.  Hurriyat guys on the other hand, have zero legitimacy as representatives of the people.  In a state which saw over 70% voting in an election, it is the leadership of a democratically elected representatives that counts as “representation”, and not of some butchers of past years who were entrusted Pakistan’s agenda to create terror in Kashmir, but failed to deliver the territory to them despite their genocide of the Pandits!  If one were to look at it clearly, the act of meeting Hurriyat guys by the Pakistani establishment has been one of subverting democracy in India.  Which the Congress leadership over the years kept allowing.  Yes, even Vajpayee’s government did, which it shouldn’t have.  But that cannot be allowed anymore as it is as much an act of subversion as terrorism is.

So India is correct in blocking off the Hurriyat guys.


Now, we see some scenarios playing out.  And in each the end result maybe that Pakistan may end up calling off the talks.  Even though the Hurriyat guys were detained under House arrest and then released, the way to stop them would be to stop them outside Delhi and not allow them in.  That would obviate the meeting of Aziz and Hurriyat.  The onus of calling off the talks will be on Pakistan.  If it does, there will be a lot of explaining to do to the outside world.  If it does not, then it meets the next hurdle.  India talks 26/11, while Pakistan comes with Kashmir.  And, of course its drama content – including a dossier on Ajit Doval while in talks with the man himself! – , which is debated ad nauseum by the many ill-informed and ridiculously naive TV anchors.  Those silly, childish debates come up with analyses like “We will sue India at ICJ at Hague for trying to destabilize Pakistan”.  Fantastic!  Where is the evidence?  Answer “Its an Open Secret!  Doval said it himself”.  It is such silly stuff that has become the bed-rock of Pakistan’s foreign policy now.

Thankfully, Doval and Modi aren’t that silly nor can they be found wanting in handling these threats.

So, one thing that Aziz will surely try to do to usurp the PR advantage is – call a Press conference.  Remember Musharraf’s stunt at Agra?  Something like that.  The way to do it – just block all the avenues of any communication or movement and beat them to it.

The main goal of the parties is not what they will discuss or debate, but:

  1. Who will call off the talks
  2. Who will press the PR advantage
  3. Who will articulate the best spin of the whole event

The real solution or work is not happening there.  The real work is happening behind the scenes and many miles away.  The two sides are probably embroiled in the toughest and the most die-hard intelligence battle as of now.  India is no longer shy of paying Pakistan back in its own coin.  The payment for all the years of terrorism in India by Pakistan is to use THAT very infrastructure – the same terrorists – and turn their target around.

In short, create Bhasmasur out of the Pak Terror Network.  It is being bought, threatened, usurped et al to make its masters pay for what they have created.  The idea is not to create our own “Hindu Jihadis”, but to simply take Pakistani nationals who have been bred and fed by the Madrasas and turn them against Pakistan.  Use the very nationals of that country to create waves of movements against the central rule of the Punjabis.

Actually speaking, that will be the most benevolent and humanist set of actions that India could do.  For, the truth is that Balochis and the Muhajirs have been constantly and for long been persecuted by the Punjabi majority in Pakistan.  By targeting Karachi and Balochistan, one targets at the economic engine and the main link with China.  Balochistan is the main target and the “low hanging fruit”.

Dealing with a Psychopath

One has to understand that while dealing with Pakistan, one is dealing with a psychopathic monster.  Simply.

Tarek Fatah said and said it well once that when India let off the 90,000 prisoners of wars (PoWs) after the 1971 surrender, India let off War Criminals!  For, just a few hours before their surrender, these very army men were raping (yes, and gang raping) women in Bangladesh and killing men there in one of the largest genocide ever!  India’s act of largese was not just cowardly but also anti-human and unjust!

Those same rapists and genocide killers landed back in Pakistan and kept indulging in what they did best – psychopathic behavior!  Jehad in Afghanistan and then against India created more avenues for their barbaric games.  This mindset is institutionalized in the highest echelons of the the estalishment.  It is this beast that one is dealing with.

Yes, under every circumstance, a powerful and economically stable nation as our neighbor will be a boon.  But not in case of Pakistan.  Pakistan is not its people.  Its not its liberal intelligentsia and peaceniks, but its psychopathic brain and arms.  For anyone dealing with that country, the latter has to be the basis of dealing and NOT the former.  For, if you reverse your engagement fundamentals, then Kargils and 26/11s will happen.  Something no one should be dealing with.

So deal with Pakistan the way you would deal with a psychopath!  Simply make it ineffective and weak beyond repair.

The time to break Pakistan and finish off its economy has long been overdue.  Render the Generals and the establishment pauper in their own fiefdoms.  So weak that they cannot maneuver around for any mischief.  Ultimately, Pakistan will exist as probably Iran or Iraq.. or even Afghanistan.  The main aim will be to replace the leadership with one which is aligned properly to the rest of the world.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has been trying to use its proxies in India for its fight.  One of the most prominent ones is Congress.  Congress leaders have strangely (actually not!) been speaking from the same script as the Pakistani establishment since the Modi government came to power.  Even before that, India was somehow always found wanting in every area while dealing with Pakistan.  So, Congress and other proxies such as Mulayam Singh and Laloo Yadav, as well as Mamta Banerjee in Bengal – who is being buoyed by the Jehadis of Bangladesh.  Remember, Jehadis of Bangladesh are aligned with Khalida Zia and ISI, and strongly anti Sheikh Hasina, who aligns with India.

There is a reason why the opposition’s fight is against Modi and not for any fundamental policy.  They will do anything for that end.  The real lever for this action is elsewhere.  Those levers will be activated as well.  The main instrument of the lever – money and political backup!  And, that is where India needs to strike at.  Money!  Pakistan’s economy and every avenue of money coming into Pakistan has to be so fully plugged and decapitated that they cannot even run their own households – leave alone that of their proxies in India!

The battle is clear, the end result is clear.  The adversary is also known well.  The aim is to make sure we don’t lose sight of who we engage with and what is that we need.  NSA talks are just an internal PR exercise for Pakistan, and an exercise to bind our adversary in his own mesh.  Bring it on!

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