The VADRA LOOTING MODEL of Making Money by Stealing from Poor Farmers

The VADRA LOOTING MODEL of Making Money by Stealing from Poor Farmers

No other organization or rulers have looted India in such a short time as the Indian National Congress have.  Specifically in the last 30 years.  Here is a very well explaining video which details the who modus operandi of Robert Vadra, the Congress and the Gandhi family to profit from the poor so spectacularly.

When you look at the entire model and process that Robert Vadra and the Congress Machinery used to make the profit from land, you will see how every institution in India can become a Lap Dog of that party and government.  Who loses in the end?  The Indian Tax payer – obviously!  But the worst off is the poor farmer who has very little to begin with!

The Vadra Model

The whole thing was orchestrated with the help of the Settlement Commission and Bhushan Steel.  When people say how come even after ruling the country, BJP and Modi Government does not have the power, one has to see how easily and with what non-challance the Congress leaders threaten the bureaucrats on “pay-back” once (if) Congress comes back to power.

That can easily make any normal person scared.  In an economy which is turbulent, it is not easy for people to take on the might of such a powerful mafia.

Singhvi threat to bureaucrats

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