Time to Dump Democratic Chains

Time to Dump Democratic Chains

It was the thirteenth day of the grand war – Mahabharat.  Duryodhan had diverted Arjun, the greatest Pandava warrior, and Krishna to chase samsaptakhas.  Meanwhile a Chakravyuh – discus formation – was formed and it was being effectively used to destroy the Pandava army.  If succeeded, by evening there would have been no Pandava army.  That is when a 16 year old Abhimanyu entered the Charkravyuh.  He knew how to get in but not how to get out.  As he entered, he went on a rampage.  He fought and killed many of the best Kaurava warriors.  Even the great like Drona, Kripa and Karna were defeated in one to one combat.  Karna approached Abhimanyu four times and was defeated every time.  Karna was left alive only because Arjun had vowed to kill him.  When it was sure that no one warrior could kill the teenager Abhimanyu, all of them – Drona, Kripa, Karna, Duryodhan etc attacked him together – strictly against the war rules!  Karna broke his bow from behind, Kripacharya killed his charioteers and Kritvarma killed his horses.  As all his weapons were destroyed and he started fighting with a wheel and then bare hands, he fought Dushasana’s son who hit Abhimanyu with a mace on the back of his head – which was against the war rules as well.  When the great teenage warrior was killed – everyone danced around his corpse – an ugly celebration of a triumph of the demonic.

On the 17th day, as Arjun faced Karna in a duel and kept pushing back his chariot, Karna’s chariot got stuck in the mud.  As he got down to free the wheel, he asked Arjun to pause until he was done – reminding him the “rules of war”.  Krishna, the epitome of Dharma, asked Arjun to kill Karna right then, which Arjun did.  When Karna invoked the rules and Dharma and chided Krishna on how he could have worked against Dharma itself – Krishna reminded him of how the rules of the war had already been thrown out by Karna and his colleagues.  That, which they had themselves destroyed, could not be used to seek shelter now.

Guru Gobind Singh and Guerilla wars

Until the Islamic invaders entered India, the kings – however aggressive and ruthless – followed the basic war rules like fighting was to be only between dawn and dusk, no civilian population was to be killed, no women or kids were killed and battles were restricted to battlefields.  With the new “total war” strategy of Islamic invaders, the Indian kings found it very tough to defeat the barbarians.

It was the innovative mind of Guru Gobind Singh’s Sikhs that came up with the Guerilla tactics, where the attacks were planned on the enemy in the middle of night.  The enemy camps were attacked when everyone was sleeping.  This strategy was also adopted by Marathas, specifically Shivaji.

Sikhs, until today, are mocked for that by reminding them of their association with 12’o’clock – reminiscent of the time of night when they used to attack their enemy.

Dharma and Morality

Dharma is not a Moral.  In fact, the people who strive to hoist “morals” and try to make them as virtues usually not only get defeated but also abandon Dharma.

Morality is a pretense.  An attempt at “doing good”, which in itself is against the basic fundamentals of Bhagwad Gita, where the focus is on Action, not the result.  Good can, on its own, only be the adjective of result, not action.

Dharma is surfing the truth.  The unchangeable ocean of existence.  It is being in reality.  Look at things the way they are and do what is needed.  Not what is preached by someone in another context for another time.

That is why Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh – people who broke the rules of war with little care or thought when faced with an adversary who followed no rules – are embodiments of Dharma in Indian history.

Destruction of Nation as a Right

From the time when “Bharat tere tukde honge…” was raised to the time when Naxals who had planned to assassinate the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi – India has been under siege.  The Charkravyuh has been created and Abhimanyu has been killed as well.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, even the “elders of the Supreme Court” – the judges have confused faux morality for Dharma.  They have failed to realize that the call to break the nation and planning to assassinate the Prime Minister is NOT an expression of dissent.  But an Act of War.

Dissent is to unite and better the society and nation.  Not to break it.

There is not one way that anyone can ever prove to anyone that the Naxalites and their terrorism – financed by the powers abroad – have helped the society in any way.

The media, the so-called intellectuals, the terrorists who have self-sanctified their war as righteous and their sabotage as an expression of self – have come together to kill the country in cold blood.

The rules of engagement within a nation – where internal security is paramount and lawful governance the critical fundamental – are being broken on the pretext of righteous aggression.

Once criminality is sanctified and unlawful war made righteous, the end of those who have followed rules of national engagement is certain.

It is time to be a Krishna and a Guru Gobind Singh.  Those who want to break the nation cannot and should not be allowed to seek the constitution of that same nation for escaping the consequences of crime.  It is time to shoot at Karna when he is stuck and hit the enemy when he is not able to attack.

It is time to abandon the rules.

Democracy is a rule of morality.  Of laws.  But when those who have abandoned the rules fight the democracies – they have an advantage that is difficult, if not impossible to beat.  Russia is an oligarchy today.  China is a mix between dictatorship and oligarchy.  No social dissent is allowed or tolerated in these societies.  They can therefore, attack the democracies – where psychologies and minds choose governments. With Social media and other covert ways – including financing treason cloaked as activism – these oligarchies and dictatorships can very effectively destroy the very foundations of democracies.  Indeed, they are.

In such a scenario, it is important to do what is needed.  Not what is moralistic.  For morals are the first to be abandoned by the crafty scoundrels when strong, and first to be invoked by them when cornered.  They are nothing more than weapons against the societies run by rules.

It is time to dismantle the rules of the game and fight the enemy in a complete war.  It is time to dump democracy.

In US, Europe and indeed in India, the framework of democracy has failed.  Against unabashed sabotage, genocides and funded treason.

The time has come in India to throw the democratic crutches aside.  The point has come to abandon the need to play along with the enemy.  Let democracy end and rule by the nationalists and defenders of the nation begin.  Righteously!

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