Truck in Kathua Seized with Arms and Ammunition!

Truck in Kathua Seized with Arms and Ammunition!

Today due to quick action by the J&K police, a major attack by Pakistani Jihadis was averted.  A truck carrying arms and ammunition has been recovered in Kathua.

Major attack by Pakistani Jihadis averted in Jammu and Kashmir with seizure of a truck in Kathua laden with ammunitions. #KathuaTruck #Pakterror Click To Tweet

Six AK 47s and Rs 4.5 lakh have been seized from the vehicle. “Three people have been arrested, interrogation is underway, the three are affiliated to Jaish-e-Mohammad,” said SSP Kathua Sridhar Patil.

A truck was intercepted at 8.00 am on the Jammu-Pathankot Highway and during checking six AK-47 rifles were seized, Inspector General of Police, Jammu, Makesh Singh told PTI. (source)

It is suspected that these militants infiltrated from across the International Border via Bamyal border in Pathankot with the help of over-ground workers in Kashmir Valley.  This seems to be the favorite infiltration point for the terrorists from Pakistan.  Maybe it is time to completely plug the whole area.

The Bamyal sector in Pathankot district is a favourite infiltration route of Pakistani terrorists, one that the intruders who attacked the Dinanagar police station in Gurdaspur district last July, and those who killed two policemen in the Narot Jaimal Singh area a few years ago had taken.

If these terrorists caught with the truck in Kathua had gotten their way, they could have caused major mayhem in Kashmir.  Remember Kathua is already a communally sensitive place, where a major rape incident had happened last year.

We get to hear so many sob stories on how there are restrictions in Kashmir valley without the counter on how such restrictions make these terror attacks so much more difficult.  The Government needs to be applauded!  If they did not act in time and seized the truck in Kathua, the Jihadis from Pakistan would continue to spread terror in India.

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