Truth is That Zairas and Malalas Directly Create Future Zairas and Malalas By Endorsing Islamic Ideology!

Truth is That Zairas and Malalas Directly Create Future Zairas and Malalas By Endorsing Islamic Ideology!

The case of Zaira Wasim is very instructive.  She is the actor who played Geeta Phogat in the recent movie Dangal.

Zaira was attacked by the Muslims across Kashmir and even outside the state – from rest of India and even Pakistan – in a trolling attack spearheaded by a group – “Fakhr-e-Kashmir”.  Here are examples of some of the abuse she faced from Muslims.

Trolls for Zaira

Because of this online abuse, Zaira offered an apology that was a slap on every person with humanity in India.

Zaira apology

What she is said is very important and goes to the heart of what is completely wrong with the entire Secular and Islamic world – specifically in India.

Here are the things that Zaira really said in her apology:

Muslim girls have no right to perform in movies: She is apologizing for whatever “happened over the past 6 months” – which is the entire acting project in the movie.  Why should someone who has invested herself into a career as an expression of who she is apologize so profusely?  Unless of course, it is not just a direct reaction to the religious abuse that she faced – but something that is projected everywhere?  To see how widespread this belief is in the Islamic world – please check out the video in the post “Burkha Issue Argument based on Quran is Inherently Faulty” – where the Maulana says the exact same thing!  Yes, Muslims can keep saying that this is not true as per Islam, but music has always been banned in Islamic rules.

Normal social life of Muslim girls is a “shameful thing”: Zaira is a progressive and successful girl who wants to move on from the society that she was born in – something like Kangana Ranaut did – and make a mark for herself.  The religious abuse forced her to say that forget being a role model – she is actually a DISGRACE (in caps!)

Subjugated life should be the aspiration and model for Muslim girls: Zaira’s central contribution to any girl of her age is her ability to express herself via her talent.  THAT is what these bigots targeted.  And it is all in an attempt to subjugate and silence this girl.  If you have watched the video in the post I linked above, you will see how the Maulana was about to thrash the lady with a stick because she was “speaking so much”!

Zaira ends the entire apology with the invoking of “Allah”.  So lets cut the crap please, as they say.

This was and IS about religion.  Completely.  It ain’t a Kashmiri thing.  We had seen how actresses like Qandeel Baloch, Qismat Baig had been shot dead in 2016 – as part of religious high-handedness.

Stockholm Syndrome of Islamic Subjugation

Malala was shot – almost fatally by Islamic bigots because per them girls should not study.  She barely survived.  Somehow, after so much expense and hard work, she was brought back to normal and given the opportunity to study and get ahead in life.  Something that her home country and society could NEVER provide her.

Despite her experience, and despite the fact that she herself cannot and has NOT gone back to her home, she went around giving guarantees of how that failing society was “safe”!

“I am ready to tell the world that Pakistan is a safe place and teams should go there and play cricket,” Malala told reporters.  What the outside world thinks about Pakistan is not true and all those terrorists are not Pakistanis, so teams should come and play in Pakistan and wherever I will go I will tell the world about this.”

Why would someone who has seen the worst of that regressive society, where every year women are killed because they choose to express themselves, keep endorsing those people?  And that too knowing fully well that she doesn’t want and cannot go back!

The same is her endorsement of Islam as well.

If anyone is blind to the obvious, VERY obvious religious basis of subjugation of women.  It is there in the Quran – as seen below:

Quran (4:34)“Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.”  Contemporary translations sometimes water down the word ‘beat’, but it is the same one used in verse 8:12 and clearly means ‘to strike’.

Quran (38:44)“And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath…”

Women in Pakistan have been agitating against this “beating” issue for so long now.  Read #TryBeatingMeLightly: Pakistani women stand up to abusive women protection bill – where we discussed just this!

Subjugating women is part and parcel of Islam.  Malala’s shooting, Zaira’s abuse and killing of women almost on a daily basis in the Islamic world because of the Quranic edicts exhorting men to beat and subjugate women is a reality that cannot and should NOT be ignored at all!!

Yet, all these women go around telling the world that Islam is this great ideology that frees women.  Heck, Islam IS the reason that put these women in the place they were in.  Dangal happened to Zaira not because she is in Islamic heaven.  But because she is NOT in Islamic hell.  Ask Qandeel Baloch or other women who have been killed because of their acting.

She is one of those lucky ones who has gotten the opportunity to fully express herself and do what she can.  Just like Malala has been able to get.  It is NOT because of Islam.  It is because of NOT Islam.  The societies that have afforded them these opportunities are not limited by Islamic ideology.

The very poison, the very affliction that has attempted to subjugate Malala and Zaira – and extrication from which has offered them life and expression – is what they are peddling to the world in return for freedom from it!!  Irony keeps dying at the hands of these women every day!!

That Islamic ideology is a regressive way of life and a curse to free living is absolutely obvious to most Muslims and yet they keep endorsing its greatness.  The reason why some Muslims – including Aamir, Salman and Shahrukh – can do what they are doing is because they do not subscribe to the letter of Quran in toto.

In this regard the story of Mohammad Rafi is very instructive.  He was probably the greatest singer in Indian movies – who had stopped singing after doing Haj for many years in the 70s.  It was his kids who went finally and got him back from London to make him sing again.  It is quite obvious that they found a “work around” argument/explanation for him to sing despite his sudden understanding of his religious duty post-Haj!

Zairas and Malalas Ensure More Zairas and Malalas

In this equation of Muslim and Expression and the whole ability of Muslims to live a normal life, Islamic ideology is the 1000 pound Gorilla in the room, which they never discuss nor denounce.  They just keep working around it and keeping it safe.  Knowing fully well that this intolerant and regressive Gorilla is the one which is has landed them in trouble all the time and will not stop ever in the coming generations.  They can sometimes keep it off from hurting them by coming up with innovative and creative explanations around the verses which have already cursed over a billion lives to subjugation but they cannot keep it contained.

So, please let us not blame Kashmiri “situation” or “society” or “Pakistani society” – as if these things exist in vacuum.  We all know what Kashmiri identity is primarily for and made of.  Islam!  Kashmiriyat is Islamic bigotry by another name.  Islamism is its sole goal.  None of those who have promised support to Zaira dare bring the Pandits back to Kashmir – if Kashmiriyat sansIslam was the cause of Zaira’s misery!

The truth is that Zairas create more Zairas.  Malalas have made it absolutely possible that thousands of other Malalas he shot (and maybe killed).  Unfortunately, everyone is not and will not be as lucky as a Zaira or Malala!  Zairas and Malalas are the enablers of those who try to silence them!  That is their sad but ultimate truth!

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