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UFO in Kolkatta and Scientist's double-speak

Scientists these days have issues with things beyond their minds and knowledge. First they claim it is natural.. then it is unnatural and a trickery and media reports it as if the scientist has proved the “mysterious phenomenon” wrong! Kolkatta, apparently was visited by the friendly neighborhood UFO. A guy captured the thing. Now, he doesnt know what it was.. nor does anyone. But instead of wishing it away and give “some” explanation, it would probably benefit if someone could try to go behind the reasons. Here are the statements of the M.P. Birla Planetarium director Debprosad Duari:

    • “The images as shown on television channels have to be taken with a pinch of salt. They do not appear to be unidentified objects as claimed by some residents, but seem to be an optical illusion – a result of cloud reflecting city lights, a phenomenon than can be caused by refraction of light. It does not appear to be a natural phenomenon,”

    • “From what I can understand, it could just be digital trickery as no natural phenomenon can last that long and change its colour and shape so rapidly,”

Ok, so what is it that this dude is saying? Was it or was it not? Is optical illusion an “unnatural phenomenon”?? And UFOs are some kind of “natural Phenomenon”?? What the heck is he saying? I would have thought he missed an “un” before natural in his first statement…. the statements are so asinine that they are humorous!

While the guy, Farhan Akhtar (apparently no relation to the Bollywood director, I guess) had this to say on his experience:

….claimed to have captured the bright multi-coloured object from his 10th floor flat at Kalikapur in east Kolkata around 3.20 a.m. Monday. He said the phenomenon lasted for around three hours and disappeared when daylight appeared.

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