Unbeknownst to us, Another Massive Pulwama Attack Foiled by Indian Security Forces

Unbeknownst to us, Another Massive Pulwama Attack Foiled by Indian Security Forces

Terrorists have to succeed only once to create their narrative.  Security Agencies may succeed thousands of times, but their success goes unnoticed.

Unbeknowst to us all, the security agencies are working day and night, against all odds to prevent any more terror attacks.  We don’t get to hear of them.  But it doesn’t mean that work is not being done.  We only hear of the attacks that happened.  Not of those that did not.

In a manner reminiscent of the series “24”, the Indian forces foiled another Pulwama style terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir.  The attack was planned against a high value political target.

In fact, on February 23rd, the terrorist – whose name was Raqib Ahmed Sheikh – had recorded his video as well detailing the attack.  On February 24th, he was gunned down before he could execute the attack!

It was a Jaish-e-Muhammad operation where two Pakistani terrorists – Numan and Waleed – were indoctrinating the Indian guy Raqib to carry out this attack.  All three terrorists were killed!

So you see to even believe that Pakistan “comes in peace” or has no intention of hate, terror or violence is not just naive but self delusional!  The operation that was started post Pulwama, therefore, should NOT be stopped!  Not until the terror sponsors in Pakistani Army are made to pay!

Here is the news clip, which will surely go unnoticed by most because it does not align with their narrative.

Here is the tweet from India Today on that.

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