Understanding Balakot Air Strikes Questioning: Who is asking the questions?

Understanding Balakot Air Strikes Questioning: Who is asking the questions?

It is said that when someone would come to Ramana Maharishi and ask something, he would question him back asking – “Who is asking the question?”

And, that is extremely important to know for whoever is asking any question.

The problem with people is that they want to ask question – without knowing in what capacity are they asking that question and why are they asking the question?

The need to ask question has become such a big fetish amongst Indians that they do not even realize whom is it benefiting.

The big question that the

anti-Modi-turned-Anti-India (AM-T-AI)

gang has these days is – What is the proof of Air Strikes in Balakot and how many did we kill?

The Government has said that

  1. there were around 300 mobile phones active in that compound (some had moved to the ISI premises in Mirpur and back) and that
  2. the SPICE 2000 bomb used can simply vaporize everything and everyone in that confined space within seconds.  And all the bomb shows is a few centimeters of hole on the roof, which is consistent with the satellite pictures with the Indian Air Force

These two are facts from the Indian Air Force, the surveillance and the Government.

Now, do you need to spell how many were killed?  Do you need any proof?

Unless Pakistani Jehadis are into a game where they switch their mobiles on and stack them in a building while they stay in another – just for the heck of it – everynight, the chances are that each one of them had the phone right next to him.  Just like you do.

So, now look at those two nonconvertible facts of what bomb was used and how many mobiles were active and make the guess yourself.

And, what have been the questions by the AM-T-AI gang – What is the proof and how many exactly were killed?

So let us do a Sri Ramana Maharishi – “Who wants to know and why?”

If you are an Indian – why would you need the proof of bombing from the Government when the Air Force leaders have explained what was done?  What do you want to see so that you would know?  The plane records?  The plane GPS?  The bomb trackers on the plane?  What?!!

And, what proof do you want for the numbers killed?  The equipment and its trackers on how Indian intelligence detected those mobiles?  WHY?

None of these proofs should ever come into public domain.  And even if they were shown – they will not solve anything for any Indian.

Yes, these proofs will surely help the Pakistanis in understanding how India watches and monitors them.  And how they can save themselves from that surveillance next time!

So lets redo Shri Ramana Maharishi – Who is asking the question?

No Indian will benefit from proof of bombing or the information on the numbers killed other than those two confirmations we have from the Indian Air Force.

Yes, if we are Pakistanis, it will be immensely useful.

But as an Indian what will you do with those trackers dashboards and reports?  Play gulli-danda with it?  Or frame and place in the niche where you had your marriage photo?  What?!!

Asking Questions is a Sacred Act in our Culture – not a frivolous political tool

To know what the answer will give you, you need to know who is asking the question!

And that is something that no one waking up to in India and instead is going on the “right to ask questions”.  In our culture, asking questions was extremely important, indeed sacred as an act.  Asking questions required a level of seriousness and understanding.

You can truly ask a real useful question ONLY when you are at a certain level of understanding of things yourself.  If I start asking questions on some stuff in bio-chemistry with no background, then I am making fun of the person I ask the question to and more importantly MYSELF.  Worse, the question will not get any of us anywhere significant!  It will be a complete waste of time and energy.

For, I will have gained nothing at the end, and the questioned would anyways have just wasted the time.

If the question is done for the purpose of knowing, then asking Questions is not a right.  It is a privilege born out of a sense of responsibility and accountability.  If you are not responsible for the seriousness of your question and the value of its answer, then you cannot and should not have the right to ask a useless and inane question!

Any benefit from the proof that there was an air strike and how many actual numbers people died – can be derived only by Pakistanis.  For those who are Indians, it should suffice that the Indian Air Force have – after credible authentication – said that they hit the target with SPICE 2000 bombs and the target building had roughly 300 active mobile phones, including some of known ISI operatives.

Remember, this is not trying to “brand anyone who questions, a Pakistani agent” – but trying to understand where the question is coming from?  To understand your actions, one needs to know what value does it bring to you.  If your definition of being an Indian does not provide you with any benefit, other than “need to know just for the heck of it”, then we need to know as to what character can you assume where you will indeed see the benefit of the question such that it gives you the impetus to term even the Indian PM and his government a liar in the middle of an ongoing war?  That is a big step and action.  Unless you are a moron or frivolous, there must be some calculation as to how the question is BIG enough to warrant such a sadistic (and masochistic, if you were indeed Indian) initiative?  So what is it?

Unless you are a low IQ, frivolous idiot who just stashes silly answers to silly questions in neat decorated folders, the only other reason why the question of proof should be important to you is – that your interests are completely aligned with that of the Pakistani ISI Chief.  Either you guys are working together or you are his proxy.

Not for asking any question.  But for asking a


set of questions.

Questions that have no benefit to you (if you were Indian) but critical importance to Pakistanis for understanding India’s attack.  Decide.

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