Unique way to solve the Traffic accidents problem in Shimla!

Last updated on Apr 8, 2010

Posted on Apr 8, 2010

Indian society has unique challenges and we come out with unique solutions!

Here is a blogger – Karan Talwar – who discussed a solution that was used in Shimla to reduce the traffic accidents – in areas where the traffic was completely lawless.  Drivers were reckless and no amount of signage would stop them from their behaviour – resulting in lots of deaths. Even if the accidents don’t prove to be fatal, any major or minor injuries could seriously impact a person’s life. And these types of events happen in every country around the world on a daily basis. One of the first things to consider after an accident would be to contact a law firm in your area, similar to Diamond & Diamond, to see how you can claim compensation for your injuries. This will allow you to cover the costs for any damages and medical bills. But wouldn’t it just be better for people if the situations on the road were better? Well, that’s what Shimla has looked into. So, how did the local administration solve the problem?  Here’s how:

A local resident told me that, in the past, the local and state governments had mandated several traffic signs along the winding highways, but this did not have any effect on the accident rates. Drivers either did not see them or ignored them and the mishaps continued.
This was a time when it was common to have numerous casualties a day from road crashes!
So here is what the local governments did: They started building temple shrines at spots that were accident prone.
Turns out even though the average Indian has no respect for traffic laws and signs, they will slow down before any place of worship and take a moment to ask for blessings!
This has been going on for some time now and it’s down to a science. Up to three accidents at a particular spot and a yellow colored flag is posted. At 5 accidents they post a red color flag. If the accidents continue to take place or if any casualties take place, a mini Hindu temple is built and voila! Accidents at that particular spot seem to cease almost entirely.

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