Vatican’s Sex Parties used Emanuela Orlandi, missing for 30 years!

Emanuela Orlandi, daughter of a Vatican employee, went missing 30 years ago.  Now, Father Gabriele Amorth, appointed by Late Pope John Paul II as Church’s Chief Exorcist has now created a complete storm!  Missing of the girl has been a question for a long time.

In the latest twist in one of the Holy See’s most enduring mysteries, he said the 15-year-old schoolgirl was snatched from the streets of central Rome in the summer of 1983 and forced to take part in sex parties.

“This was a crime with a sexual motive. Parties were organised, with a Vatican gendarme acting as the ‘recruiter’ of the girls.

“The network involved diplomatic personnel from a foreign embassy to the Holy See. I believe Emanuela ended up a victim of this circle,” Father Amorth, the honorary president of the International Association of Exorcists, told La Stampa newspaper.

So, Vatican’s reality is that it has Sex Parties with young girls – minor ones – and has no qualms in murdering them after “use”.  People involved in these orgies are not just Vatican officials but even diplomats of foreign Governments.  Since the revelation comes from someone who at that time was one of the top official in the Church, his statements are pretty damning for the entire Church itself!

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