What two young girls’ Blissful dances at Chenda Melam in Kerala teach us about Life and its Celebration

What two young girls’ Blissful dances at Chenda Melam in Kerala teach us about Life and its Celebration

When the drum beat hits a peak and one is in a place with strong energy vibrations, usually one just cannot help but start dancing in total bliss.  That is what probably happened to Parvathy.

“I am an ardent fan of temple festivals. I went to the festival with a group of people from my village. When the rhythm of Chenda Melam touched its peak, I got excited and started to dance. I was not bothered about the people who noticed me and captured my video. I was just enjoying the ‘Chenda Melam’,” said Parvathy.

A 9th grade kid, Parvathy’s dance went viral on social media.

As the tempo grew, so did her unexplained, sudden and impromptu joy.  Just seeing her respond to the rhythm of the drums makes you smile and want to jump up.

She is not alone.  Another young girl started playing drums and then broke off into a dance.

She simply threw all care aside and danced like there was no tomorrow to the beats of the drums at the Chenda Melam during the Anayadi Pooram festival.

Pooram is an annual celebration in temples (generally Devi temples) in Kerala.

Anayadi is one of the temples near Kollam. The Anayadi Pooram festival was celebrated on February 4 2019 at Sree Narasimha Swamy Temple, Anayadi.

At this festival, the young kid just forgot everything as she swayed to the drum beat!

Such vibrant ways and such bliss without any care and the ability to simply participate in music and dance as the celebratory aspect of life is something that was always the central part of Indian experience.  It is something that has come to us from this land where living life was not a mere chore, but a celebration.

Thanks to these two daughters of India for reminding us how life should be lived – in complete joy and bliss.  Joy not from something, but just being present and swaying with the tune and rhythm of existence!

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