When Kapil Sibal, the EVM Hacking Fraudster’s Cheerleader, bared his Ideological Panties!

When Kapil Sibal, the EVM Hacking Fraudster’s Cheerleader, bared his Ideological Panties!

Pakistan is a country on economic brink.  So you have people who are desperate to earn somehow.  Many are using Youtube for that.  You must have seen a huge rise of Pakistanis making review videos on topics related to India, where they have nothing but praise and wonder.  Obviously to appeal to Indians, get high views and more advertising money.  Even the past Pakistani crickets like Ramiz Raja etc are making videos where they are profusely praising India and Indians.

These are the respectable variety.

Then there are folks like Taher Shah, the king of Cringe pop in Pakistan (watch the Angel Song of his


).  And “Khan Baba”,(watch this video) the bloated fat idiot who keeps doing funny antics trying to show what a powerful man he is.  One includes lifting weights with the background saying “World Weightlifting Championship”, where he is wearing salwar suit and lifting ostensibly world record weight with the bar not even bending!  And his sole aim is to challenge the Great Khali.

Those are the harmless but irritating types.

And, then there is this “Khan Baba” of politics.  Syed Shuja.  No one has ever heard of him.  But he claimed that he was the main who worked on designing the EVMs in question (“former member of Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) and was part of the team that devised the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) used in 2014”) and can easily hack them.  In fact, he claimed that they had been hacked in 2014 to give BJP an unprecedented victory. (News Source – India today)

Here is where things get really really interesting!  So, the then Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Kapil Sibal bought the ticket for the next flight out to London to attend the live hacking of the EVMs!  He wanted to play cheerleader for this new messiah of Congress.

Sibal at EVM Hack Drama
Sibal at EVM Hack Drama

I don’t know, but is it only me who is wondering as to why would the then IT Minister of India be in cheerleaders squad when someone is presumably showcasing how the EVMS were hacked in the election that his government and specifically, his ministry, oversaw from technology perspective?!

Now, Kapil Sibal is in a party, where Pappu Mutra is the new kool-aid.  Everyone has some before anything major.  And given the source of this Congress power drink, one can imagine what kind of hallucinatory impact such an eventuality can have on anyone.

And, while Kapil Sibal was sitting there in the audience cheerleading this “political Khan Baba”, his ideological panties were clearly showing!  Sibal was imagining a world where he could raise doubts on BJP’s elections in 2014, and force the world to go back to paper ballots and in that stone age version of his wet dreams, he would do what Congress had done for so long – manipulate, strong arm and falsify votes.

But this Khan Baba, aka Syed Shuja, did not show up!  He came live via video conferencing from California, where else but Silicon Valley, when you are showcasing hacking.  So very predictably dramatic!  Looking bored and delusional, he was in a dark and dingy room – could have been in some hole near Sheikhupura, Lahore for all you know.  Sitting on a strange sofa with his face covered – cannot complete the caricature of a super secretive hacker without the face covered JUST like it is in the Shutterstock icons!

I am sure, this is when Kapil Sibal’s panties would have been in a real twist!  This super expensive lawyer of Indian Supreme Court and a top leader of the oldest national party in India hurrying to London to watch this show, while the man who was to hack was holed up in some dingy cave and not even wanting to show up!

If you think this is where the show ended, you have absolutely no idea about the amazing shameless creativity of the Pakistanis and their Khan Babas!  This joker then went on to claim, amongst other “explosive” stuff, that Sibal (who was right there sitting suggestively in the video conference hall) had actually approached Shuja to – drum-roll please! – RIG the 2014 elections in favor of BJP!!  (Read his other outlandishly delusional nonsense at the end of the post just for a good laugh!)

That Sibal, in his Cheerleader avatar, was baring his panties was bad enough, with this we were witnessing the most embarrassing wardrobe and mental malfunction ever in the history of Indian politics!  This Congress Joker, like his Emperor, had no freaking “clothes” ON!!  And, he was getting politically raped by this delusional fraudster who wanted his 5 mins of fame!!

As for hacking the EVMs?  Well, that was not part of the agenda.  If you want to LYFAO who the heck can blame you?

Now, enjoy the drama.

Here are all the claims of this joker, called Syed Shuja:

  • 2014 Lok Sabha elections, that saw the resurgence of BJP in India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi take over, was rigged
  • Congress lost 201 seats in 2014 because of EVM tampering
  • Late Union minister Gopinath Munde, who died in an accident days after joining the Modi cabinet, was aware of the rigging in 2014, which is why he was killed
  • NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed, who wanted to file an FIR in Munde’s death, was also killed
  • Congress leader Kapil Sibal (who was seated at the video conference) approached Shuja to rig the 2014 elections in favour of BJP
  • Shuja and his team stopped EVMs from being hacked in the 2015 Delhi elections, which led to AAP winning it with a landslide margin
  • SP, BSP, AAP, Congress wanted to know if EVMs can be hacked. AAP wanted him to hack EVMs to show the world
  • Told entire story to a prominent journalist in India
  • Sought and obtained asylum in India based on evidence that are now lying with the US authorities
  • BJP would have won the Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh elections recently had he not intercepted BJP’s attempts at EVM tampering
  • Reliance Communications helped BJP hack EVMs
  • Slain journalist Gauri Lankesh had agreed to write the story and also filed an RTI regarding this, but was killed
  • However, he could not provide any evidence to back his claims but said he is willing to share documents with journalists

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