When Sonia, Manmohan, Digvijay, and Kapil Sibal went shopping for a law in UAE

It has been heard that Dr. Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibal have suddenly taken a flight to United Arab Emirates.  They are on a sabbatical you see.

For no reason whatsoever, they have found common and ordinary citizens demanding accountability for just a few billions that they have been dipping their hands into in the large and vast flow that occurs in the Indian treasury.  After all they represent India as its Government, so “itna lootna to banta hai… baap!”.  But who will explain it to the common man and that pest Arvind Kejriwal?

Bhai, if you couldn’t learn the art of hoarding other people’s money despite the fact that you were an IAS officer, at least let others do their work in peace.  Loser!!

Gadkari ki baari lo, wo to phir bhi theek hai.  With such a looney expression on his face all the time anyone would have known that this guy with RSS knickers and matchstick legs along with a fat tummy was any day stealing from all over.  After all, chori karni hai to thodi Gori chamdi laao…. angrez lago… phir angrezon ki tarah kuchh bhi looto!

Or, have a beard like Manmohan Singh and keep that poker expression going.  That’s perfect.  He looks like a cute puppy with his benign smile as long as he doesn’t put the entire crowd on a sleep.. and still continue reciting one statistic after another as if they were the sexiest thing on earth after Mallika Shehrawat.

But why UAE, for Gods sake?!

Well, UAE has passed a great law.  It makes anyone saying anything against the state or the rulers a state criminal!

laws explicitly prohibit users from publishing any material that would “endanger the security of the state and its supreme interests,” including any content that calls for regime change or mocks national leaders. President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan announced the regulations in a decree issued Monday, introducing them as amendments to an existing law on cybercrime.

Reliable Sources however suggest that Kapil Sibal was pooh-poohing the whole jaunt and the eulogizing going on in the group over the UAE Sheikh’s brilliant move!  With his few hair on the head standing in rapt attention, and thick tresses over his eyes – that double up as brows – trying their best to keep out of eyes’ way, he erupted with enthusiasm “I can do that without a law!” and jumps up and down dancing with joy while chanting “tan tana tan tann tann ta.. haanji ji ji haan ji.. it is so easy ji!”.  And then, just as a kid looks approvingly at his mother with a triumphant look on his face, he smiles – teeth in full view – he stares in the direction of Sonia Gandhi.

She – stone faced – unimpressed, looks at Manmohan Singh and twitches her left eye just that little bit, like only she can.  And our little pup starts off on the cue – “But we need a fail proof way to shut this Kejriwal and that CAG guy up!”

Stops and looks at Sonia G while nodding obviously looking for an approval.. “Right Madam?”

Sonia merely looks at Kapil Sibal glaringly.  “Oh Madam, you are so right!  I am a fool.. of course we need something real.  Moreover, we can get some gifts for Rahul Baba while we are in Dubai!”

The Mango men and women, meanwhile, are waiting with baited breath as to what goodies will these exalted ones get from UAE for us?  People are despondent and know that things can only get worse than in 1975.  At least at that time there was an intelligent dictator at the helm in Indira, who could reign in a man-man like Sanjay.  Right now we have several Sanjays at the power of 10 holding power, and the Prime Minister of today makes Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed look like a fierce tiger!

In this mood of despondency, there is one man – single guy – jumping up and down in complete ecstasy.  He is out in far away Western town of India.  One kid rushes to him to see who this crazy fellow is.  And as he is jumping, the kid taps him and asks him.. “Sir, aren’t you afraid of this law that these guys have gone shopping for?”

“OHHH BABY!!   I would JUST love it!!!  JUST LOVEEEEE IT!!”

“Why?” the kid perplexed and confused..

“WHY?  You are asking WHY?”  Looks at the sky and shouts “He is asking WHY!  OH GOD!!!  He is asking why?!”  He continues….

“Kiddo.. Wait till you see me using against these loonies in a couple of years!  Everyone of this group will be in jail for even uttering my name!” and bursts out in uncontrollable laughter!

He turned around..

“Modiji!!”  the kid exclaimed!

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