Why are Pakistan officials repeatedly targeting Modi, RSS and BJP when threatening war on India?

Why are Pakistan officials repeatedly targeting Modi, RSS and BJP when threatening war on India?

We know Pakistanis talk bizarre stuff.  Imran Khan has been going around giving speeches and inciting hatred.  Watch this excerpt of his speech.  Carefully.  And then think what is so bizarre about this speech?

You may think it is his conspiracy theories about the Indian attack on PoK or his threats.  No its not that.  Think again.

Can’t think of it?  Ok, let us go back in time and listen to an anti-India speech in context of Kashmir by another Pakistani PM.

What is the marked difference?

Now read this tweet from the Minister of Science and Technology in Pakistan from today and you will know what I am saying.

See what is different?

Pakistan has always fought India since 1948.  Whether it was 1965 or 1971 or 1999, the wars and battles were never against Nehru or Shastri or Indira Gandhi or Vajpayee.  But this time it is different.

Pakistan’s establishment is fighting Narendra Modi and BJP.  It is not fighting India.

In all statements by Pakistani officials, they are targeting Modi and BJP while threatening war against India. Doesn't non-BJP polity constitute India? #CongressPakAllies  Click To Tweet

Does that sound strange to you?

Is it because apart of BJP and Modi, everyone else is not part of India?  Are all outside of BJP on Pakistan’s side?

Doesn’t Congress, the TMC, the AAP etc constitute India?  Having policy differences or having differences on how to handle a situation is one thing.  But to be on the other side of India and playing the enemy’s tune based on party lines is something new and unique to today’s reality.

Go take a listen to what Imran Khan said once again.  And you will feel as if he was a spokesman for Congress against BJP.

Let me be clear – how the heck does should it matter to Pakistan who the PM of India is when the Government of India is taking an action?  The government of India’s action is an executive action binding on the Republic of India.

The revocation of Article 370 was passed by both the Houses of Parliament with voting across the party lines.  Including votes from some in Congress!

Then how is it that Imran Khan is targeting Modi, RSS, and BJP?  And, not India.

Because there is a real fissure in India’s polity now.  Those who are opposing Modi and BJP are actually anti-India.  Not because of their opposition to Modi.  But because they are acting in a way that is actually being seen even by others as being outside the purview of the Indian Republic.

That they are anti-India or not aligned with India is not the argument of BJP or the so-called Bhakts.  It is the real focus and central argument of Imran Khan and Pakistani establishment.  For them, their war is against Modi, not other parties, even when they are threatening nuclear strikes against the Indian territory!

And, that should be worrying for every Indian.  We are in a situation where India’s opposition parties have an ally in Pakistan at the cost of a real and existential threat to India!

They seem to have the same objective.  To bring Modi down.  To hell with India!

That can have unprecedently serious consequences.

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