Why are Twitter and BBC Doing Rahul Gandhi’s Dirty Work?

Why are Twitter and BBC Doing Rahul Gandhi’s Dirty Work?

When the bias and prejudice is blatant and alignment so obvious then one needs to ask the questions that are apparent in that situation.  It has been known for sometime that the Western media plays a role to create “Atrocity Literature” against the powers and people that the Western powers want to aim at.  Rajiv Malhotra’s “Breaking India” describes that well enough.

Why are Twitter and BBC Fighting the Battle for Rahul Gandhi? @TwitterIndia #TwitterIsCongProxy Click To Tweet

As the elections draw near, Twitter has been interfering in the political debate in India with a clear and shamelessly provocative bias.  Some days back Jagrati Shukla’s Twitter account was blocked for saying that in J&K, instead of using pellet guns the army should use real bullets.  Which is how the police dealt with the followers of Ram Rahim when they went on a rampage after his arrest.  And, what is good for folks in Chandigarh, should be good for folks in Srinagar.  If the media was fine with the former, it should be fine with the latter.  And, even in US the rioters would be treated the same way.

So, there started a movement to Bring Back Jagrati Shukla’s account.

But many others – who are ore sympathetic to India’s PM Modi – have suddenly found that their number of followers fell by several thousands or having their accounts suddenly blocked!  That cannot be a coincidence!

To which, Dr. Swamy wants to go ahead and make transparency of Twitter – which is so desperately missing in their culture – a formal clause!

And, on top of all this, Jack Dorsey goes and has one of those special friendly sessions with Rahul Gandhi – ostensibly in a bid to lend him some credibility!

On the other hand, a “venerable” journalistic institution – BBC – also throws its hat in the fray of prejudiced outreach to create further media-hyped content.  They hold a Panel Discussion on #BeyondFakeNews and creates fake narrative of its own.  AltNews has been started by a Modi Baiter and hater.  It is clearly biased and prejudiced and needs to be treated for what it signifies – an Indian counterpart of AltRight Breitbart kind of media.  But BBC was in a hurry to lend its own weight to give this ultra hyper Modi baiting site some credibility!  WHY?

The Indian public needs to understand what kind of games are being played.  And these are not the way things have worked until now.  But they do show how deep the rot is in media.  Very few people have any sympathy for Donald Trump when he shouts Fake news for every outlet.  But the way these media outlets are behaving – with a well planned and obvious prejudiced formula – one cannot ignore Trump’s words.  Media does need to clean its own house!

More importantly, the foreign media should STOP doing a Russia on India in the 2019 elections.  It cannot be allowed to interfere!

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