Why Children's Day?

Sometimes it takes a simple question to set an entire people thinking.  Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first PM’s birth anniversary is celebrated as Children’s Day in India.  In a recent meet, Narendra Modi questions as to how has such a celebration improved the lot of the kids?

“Has anyone shed a tear for these children who struggle to get a square meal a day when Children’s Day is celebrated?” he asked. “Jawaharlal Nehru was said to be very fond of kids and his birthday has been christened as Children’s Day. Kids called him Chacha Nehru and it brought images of a benevolent Nehru flooding our minds. But what good has it done to the kids?”

Except for reinforcing the images Nehru every year – to the benefit of one party and one set of politicians – what have such nonsensical celebrations sans any concrete work helped those who become its mascot?  Almost 70 years of rule from Congress and nothing to show in terms of improving the situation for the kids.  Nehru family, of course, has had a great time.  So many organizations and foundations have been built using his name and funded profusely by the Indian taxpayers – which are personal property of the Gandhi family!

Personal apathy has no excuse.  But that is what the Indians are afflicted with.

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