Kejriwal’s faux pas: Modi-Congress “hand-in-glove” charge based on Sanjiv Bhatt’s “evidence”?

As is obvious for my posts on the blog, I have a high regard for Arvind Kejriwal as well as Narendra Modi.  I believe both are important for the country.  But Kejriwal now comes up with something that has left me flummoxed.

Arvind Kejriwal today unleashed his ammunition against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and accused Modi and Congress to be partners in business, with common friends in the industry. While, he admitted that he got much of his evidence from Modi’s bête noire and now Congress ally Sanjeev Bhutt whose wife is to contest elections against Modi on a Congress ticket, Kejriwal said that he was not being their spokesperson. He said the evidence shows that Modi is no better than Congress and that elections are not going to change Gujarat.
The allegations against Modi today ranged from the favours he had allegedly extended to Geo Global Resources Inc and another company Jubilant Enpro Pvt Ltd, both selected without bidding to the favours allegedly given to power company of Adani.

So let me understand this:

  • He has some evidence of Modi’s involvement in some scandal
  • That evidence he got from Sanjiv Bhatt, who is by all accounts now – a pawn in the game of Congress
  • The evidence that he has gotten from Bhatt tells Kejriwal that Modi and Congress BOTH are hand in glove in the scandal


One thing, for all we know the so-called “evidence” that Kejriwal got from Bhatt was little more than facilitated by Congress.  And, although I am not a great fan of Congress people’s IQ, but it would be completely suicidal for them to dish out and hand something damning for their OWN part on a silver platter to Kejriwal.  Moreover, Bhatt won’t be giving out stuff that is going to nail Congress along with Modi in public perception and in a scandal – because his wife (Congress nominee) is appealing to have a direct fight with Modi – one-on-one!!

So does it even make sense?  If there has been a scandal, then by all means, it should be looked into.  But if Kejriwal is going to make allegations based on “evidence” from someone like Sanjiv Bhatt, then he is going to badly hurt himself going forward!  Here at least, things just don’t add up!

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