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60-year-old Ajmer Dargah caretaker, Salimuddin, booked for Triple Talaq to his 26-year-old wife

This guy is a pioneer of sorts.  He will be the first one to have been booked under the Triple Talaq law.

60-year-old caretaker at the Ajmer Dargah has been booked for allegedly harassing and pronouncing triple talaq on his 26-year-old wife, believed to be the first such case in Rajasthan after the enactment of a law to punish the practice.The police initially lodged the FIR under section 498-A of IPC, which deals with cruelty against married women, on Tuesday night.They added sections of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019 on Thursday after seeking legal opinion. (Source: India News)

It seems the guy had been torturing the young lady after having her marry him based on many tall promises.  The police, however, had not taken any action.  One can guess that the fear of being un-Secular would have haunted them.

“I met him through a common friend. He made several promises to me at the time of marriage but later started torturing me. I gave several complaints to the police but no action was taken,” she told reporters

However, the last straw that did him in was the act of announcing Triple Talaq.  That got him arrested.

It is now time for Muslim women to stand up to the injustices being done to them for so many years!