Astrological Predictions for India, US and China

Astrological Predictions for India, US and China

Astrological Predictions are being sought by many in these days of high uncertainty.

How is the world – specifically, India and US – going to be in the coming years?  What if we knew at least some indications of what it will be?  I came across this excellent discussion by a very adept astrologer who has a strong science base.

PVR Narasimha Rao has a bachelor’s degree from IIT, Madras with a master’s from the prestigious Rice University, Houston.  Shri Rao lives in the Greater Boston area.  He works as a firmware manager at a top semiconductor firm.

He is a unique researcher in astrology who combines his scientific bent of mind with his immense knowledge of Sanskrit.  He has also created a popular Jyotish/Astrology software “Jagannatha Hora” used by many Vedic astrologers.  He has a very informative website called Vedic Astrologer.  Please do check it out.

The coming geopolitical changes per Astrological predictions

It doesn’t take knowledge of astrology, specifically of the caliber of Shri Rao to predict that geopolitics around the world is on a hot burner right now.  What we are seeing and will see as a result will impact many years to come.  Per Mr. Rao, that impact could well be for a millennia, not merely years!

China, US and India have emerged as big players in the world.  How will their fortunes change or be impacted by the stars is an interesting study.  Mr. Rao does a good job of explaining what the stars foretell him.

At Drishtikone, we also make predictions for every year about the events in China, US and India.  You can read about them here.

COVID-19 Predictions

Mr. Rao doesn’t see the COVID-19 crisis ending any time soon.  He, in fact, predicts that there will be a second wave.  The promise of a real vaccine in the near future is also not without its pitfalls.

What he says about the pandemic’s timeline is worrying and insightful.

Astrological Predictions as tools in our hands

No matter what the stars “foretell”, one can make changes to his/her life and ways.  That is how one should approach astrology.

Astrology can tell us as to “what is most likely to happen.”  It can never tell us “what will happen.”  That is where the human awareness and ingenuity comes in.  We can change the way things work.

So watch this video for Shri Rao speaks deeply about a lot of things.  And then work to make this world a better one.

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