Has Congress ditched Nehru-Gandhi family in Gujarat Election ads?

Indeed, that is an interesting observation.  I have not seen the ads in Gujarat, but I would like the readers to share what they have seen and if this is true?

Modi said, in last 60 years history, the Congress party has always campaigned with the photographs of the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty.
“But in Gujarat election campaign, Congress has not used the photographs of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul in any of the advertisements. Why they had to withdraw their leaders from their advertisements? Do they accept the fact that these faces are not able to garner votes in Gujarat?” Modi asked.
“One of the Congress leaders from whom they have big expectations had camped in Uttar Pradesh for 12 months and people kicked that party out of the state. This ‘precious’ leader of the Congress has not dared to campaign here for assembly elections,” Modi said.  “The leader knows the temperament of Gujarati people. He has realised that they won’t be able to impress the people of Gujarat. Hence, he decided to pay merely token visits here. He doesn’t want to take the responsibility of his party’s defeat here,” the Chief Minister said.
Modi asked people to not only defeat Congress party, but punish it for its deeds.


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