How Sharad Pawar lied about 1993 Mumbai Blasts for the sake of Secularism

How Sharad Pawar lied about 1993 Mumbai Blasts for the sake of Secularism

The rot of Hinduphobia is deep in the politicians who supposedly themselves are Hindus.  That is because in India, Secular means accusing Hindus deliberately to “balance religious crimes”, even when no such crime was committed.

It is fairly common for media to either hide Muslim names or give Muslim criminals Hindu names to “hide their identity”.  What they do with such practices is – create a precedence where someone looking back to analyze the disposition of crimes committed will invariably chalk them all to one community even when it was untrue to begin with.

Sharad Pawar lies about 1993 Mumbai Blasts

On March 12th, 1993 between 1:30 pm to 3:40 pm, 12 terrible bomb blasts happened in Mumbai.  These happened in Fisherman’s Colony in Mahim, Plaza Cinema, Zaveri Bazaar, Katha Bazaar, Hotel Sea Rock, Hotel Juhu Centaur, Air India building, Sahar Airpot, Worli, Cntury Bazaar, Worli, Mumbai Stock Exchange Building, Masjid-Mandvi Corporation Bank Branch and Passport office. The deadly blasts ended up leaving 317 dead and over 1400 injured!

When the then Chief Minister Sharad Pawar realized that all the 12 bomb blasts were in “Hindu dominated” areas, he planned to mislead the public of Mumbai by adding a 13th location.  This 13th location – Musjid Bunde – was in a Muslim-dominated area.

Pawar made a call to tell this lie after he found out that all of the 12 blasts had occurred in Hindu-dominated areas.  In an attempt to keep communal violence at bay, Pawar had hurried to the Doordarshan studios and announced that blasts had occurred at 13 places in the city. India Today

Sharad Pawar admitting himself of lying

But lying about the number of bomb blasts and the locations of where they happened was not the only mischief Sharad Pawar committed.

He also lied about who was behind the bomb blasts.  He named LTTE – which was a Tamil tiger terrorist group supposedly a “Hindu organization”, even when it was not a religion based organization.

He said that in a bid to avert another round of Hindu-Muslim rioting, he had dubbed the blasts as the handiwork of the LTTE. The morality of the statement can be debated endlessly, but the fact remains that he misled the public. India Today

And, interestingly when the Chief Minister Pawar lie in this case to create a fake Hindu terror narrative, he was “praised by Justice Srikrishna Commission“, for twisting facts to add criminality to a community with no basis in fact.

Contrary to stopping the riots, such lies end up messing the investigations and giving a handle to the accused to create a defence argument that can save them.  If Muslim terrorists were involved in the bombings, as they were in the case of 1993 Mumbai blasts, then one of the arguments to counter the official version to indict them would very well be that it was not a crime against Hindus, even when it clearly was.

Ultimately the culprits was Dawood Ibrahim and his gang.

Demonizing Hindu Community is Secularism

Whether it was creating a false bomb blast and naming LTTE to assign “equal criminality” to the Hindu community or it was to chalk up the whole 26/11 attack to the RSS, it has been a practice to demonize the Hindu community in the name of Secularism.  And, no one bats an eye-lid.  Just watch the video above – and see how Shekhar Gupta, a so-called top journalist is not even alarmed at what was being said.

He just seemed to go along with the whole Hindu area blast theory as if it was ok.  And, Justice Srikrishna Committee actually seemed to have praised Sharad Pawar for such a “wise decision”.

India’s Secularism idea has only one set of people bearing the entire burden of upkeeping it – the Hindus.  The rest can do whatever they want without anyone questioning them about their bigotry.  Ultimately, every crime and every ill of the society will be pinned on one Hindu and very soon the Criminal and the Victim will be placed – with complete authority and righteousness – on the same pedestal.  Just as it was done in the case of 1993 Mumbai blasts, where Muslims (the Criminals in this case) and the Hindus (the victims in this case) were put on the same pedestal – as victims – to salvage a fake Secular idea that was never real to begin with!

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