Is Modi getting a Landslide in Gujarat?

It seems Narendra Modi is all set to win the Gujarat poll by a landslide.  Apparently, the higher voter turnout was to push Modi’s margin up as opposed to pull him down.  ABP-Nielsen Exit Poll is suggesting.  Although News 24 suggests that Modi can get closer to 140 seats while Congress will be closer to 40 and others – including Keshubhai Patel – will get measly 2!

ABP News-Nielsen Exit Poll has found that BJP will bag a landslide majority of 126 seats in the 182-member Assembly, a gain of nine seats since 2007.In terms of gains and losses, the Congress which won 59 seats in the 2007 polls, is seen to win only 50 seats this time around, a loss of only eight seats compared to the last state elections. (Source)

If indeed that’s what Modi gets, then his next move is obvious.  He needs to next translate his victory into a national success as well.

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