Man spitting on Trolleys in Mall to face Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia for COVID

Man spitting on Trolleys in Mall to face Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia for COVID

After the hundreds who attended the markaz at Tablighi Jamaat meeting went away and have been in quarantine, there are reports and videos of them spitting.  Spitting is being used as a weapon by the corrupt.  And, the issue is that India’s leftist media is working hard to downplay all this and providing cover fire.  Another thing they have been doing is to ask with a straight face – that they are “simple, innocent” people.

Well in a similar “move” by a person who probably had similar ideas in Saudi Arabia, the government is looking to announce death to him.

A man caught spitting at shopping trolleys in a mall in Saudi Arabia’s north-western region of Hail could face the death penalty for his actions, Gulf News reported.The offender was arrested and authorities are conducting remote interrogation to determine his motive, a source within the prosecution told the publication. The crime is grave, but especially so now as the kingdom battles the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. (Source: Coronavirus pandemic | Saudi Arabia man faces possible death sentence for spitting in public –

That shows when such things happen in the Mecca kingdom, there is a clear path to punishment.  The question is should the other societies – specifically democratic ones – follow similar paths for terrorism.  One where the diseased makes himself a bioweapon!

Featured Image by ziedkammoun from Pixabay

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