Misleading and False campaign by Zakia Jaffri against Modi on Capitol Hill

Zakia Jaffri was at Capitol Hill trying to lobby to deny Narendra Modi the US visa – as the US seems to have become a bit lenient with him and cozying up.

“If he (Modi) succeeds to become the Prime Minister, my hopes for justice, along with the hopes of hundreds of thousands of Gujarat victims will be lost. I hope and pray that never happens,” Zakia Jafri, wife of the former MP, Ahsan Jafri, said at the Capitol Hill on Tuesday. (link)

What??  How did Modi deny her justice???

Now, Zakia’s issues are actually with the decisions by the courts of the land rather than Modi!  It was SIT which acquitted Modi of any wrong doing, while Zakia wanted to push that cause through.  So, Zakia’s campaign on Capitol Hill doesn’t make any sense!

If the courts don’t feel that Zakia’s version is correct then that has nothing to do with Modi’s rule!  In fact, Modi’s rule in Gujarat has seen Muslims being more secure.  Recently, Syed Shahabuddin, a Muslim hard-line politician, wrote a letter to Narendra Modi discussing the situation with Muslims.  MJ Akbar says this about the letter that Shahabuddin wrote: (link)

Why is Modi’s reach slowly seeping into demographic regions once considered beyond the pale? He has three assets that cut across traditional political parameters. He is synonymous with decisive governance at a time when people are tired of dither and confusion. Indian voters want soft power in Bollywood, not Delhi. (If Mrs Indira Gandhi were seeking re-election today, she would win 400 seats.) Second, Modi is not tainted by accusations of personal corruption despite his excellent working equation with industrialists. Third, the young believe that he will give them jobs. Shahabuddin ends his letter with mention of development, education and employment for Muslims.
Why is he writing to Modi about employment rather than to Dr Manmohan Singh? Muslims helped elect Dr Singh, not Modi. But they have waited eight years for Congress to deliver on jobs and got nothing apart from that meaningless promise of reservations which was such a staple of election speeches written for Rahul Gandhi during this year’s UP campaign. The percentage of Muslims employed by the Gujarat government, in contrast, is close to the population share of the community in the state. There are, in addition, private sector jobs to choose from. Gujarat also has more Muslim constables in police stations than any other state. This is the kind of decision which boosts confidence; and no one needs reassurance more than Muslims in Gujarat who went through hell ten years ago.

The truth is that in no other state do Muslims have REAL – not lip service, not lectures, not campaign promises – developmental opportunities.  And no Government, least of all Congress, has done anything useful for Muslims except for fueling the extremism amongst the elements in that society by making them more likely to believe in their own “victimization”.

Muslims have been reduced to ghetto-like existence and function only as vote banks!

One understands that Zakia Jaffri has her fish to fry, but her representation is false and misleading!

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