Peace and Record Tourism in Kashmir after Article 370 Abrogation

Peace and Record Tourism in Kashmir after Article 370 Abrogation

When the Indian parliament abrogated the Articles 370 and 35A, the naysayers and the lobbying commentators and so-called journalists were shouting from every roof top they could find – that this will increase violence and instability.  We were told by self-important opinion makers in one foreign media outlet after another, that more violence was coming.  Heck, even Imran Khan announced that at the UN General Assembly!

Kashmir Article 370
Kashmir Article 370

Luckily, they even put their names to those mindless rants.

But the reality now, is something totally different.

Reduced Violence

In October 2019, the authorities could easily see the reduction in violence overall.  The measures which may have inconvenienced people, did ensure that their lives were safe.  From living without internet, as one did just 15 years back, to losing life, the choice was clear.

“The situation in valley is under control. Ever since the abrogation of article 370 on August 5, there has been significant improvement in all the violence parameters in Kashmir,” Lt Gen Singh told reporters here.News18

The improvement has been even more in the situation.

The headline now is that there has been no killings in last 35 days in Kashmir!  For a region where killings were a daily feature, the tap of violence has been shut.

The year 2019 ended on a peaceful note in Kashmir with no killings taking place in the militancy-hit region over the last 35 days. Militant and security forces killings witnessed a drop as compared to 2018. The overall violence in the region as well dropped by 30 per cent. Militant recruitment also dropped in 2019 to 139 from 218 in 2018. The last militancy incident – a gunfight between militants and security forces took place at Drabgam village in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district on November 26 in which two militants were killed.NewIndianExpress

Wonder what Kugelman has to say on that?  And, would be apologize for sensationalized rants turned in as “reports”?

Unprecedented Tourist Season in Kashmir after Article 370

As the SMS services across the valley were restored in the new year, Kashmir is now witnessing a record tourist season!

Gulmarg hotels have 100% bookings this season and the tourist outlook is suddenly very promising.

The director of the Kashmir’s Department of Tourism, Nasser Muhamad, said, “We are ready to welcome any number of tourists. Gulmarg was fully packed. With hope, we are looking forward to bringing more tourists here and convey that Kashmir is completely safe.”DNAIndia

That does not sound like any kind of “backfire”.  It instead sounds like a “push forward” to peace.  So one wonders where the heck did these journalists learn their analytical skills.  Or have they leased them out to the highest bidder of their soul?

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