Sophie, paralyzed from Waist down, discusses how sensation of sex has changed her

Sophie Morgan has been paralyzed waist down in 2003 at age 18.  Now, she is 28.  She thought that she will live a life of celibacy and will not have any experience or joy of sex.  But things are different now.  She not only has had the experience, but she enjoys it and also shares her joy with others.  It is indeed a miracle for someone who has lost all feeling in her body waist down to have indulged in and also enjoy the sensation of sex just like others do.

You see, almost ten years ago, when I was 18, I was involved in a car accident that left me paralysed. I sustained a spinal injury, and ever since I have been without sensation from my chest down. Others who have been in similar accidents have said that they found speaking with lawyers about what their spinal injury settlement is worth helped to put their minds at ease with regards to paying their medical expenses – reaching out for legal advice is something that is not to be overlooked as you don’t want to miss out on compensation for your injuries. From around the center of my ribs and upward, though, I have complete mobility. My life is lived mostly in a wheelchair. But I do have sex. There, I’ve said it. Disabled people have sex – and, what’s more, we enjoy it.

She thought her life of celibate is the only way to be.  But then one man came and took fancy to her and it changed her life.

I assumed my life as a paraplegic would be celibate. Never mind,  I consoled myself, at least I had  my memories.
But then something unexpected happened. I enrolled at an art school and a handsome long-haired surfer called Olly took a fancy to me. To my complete surprise and bewilderment, he asked me out on a date.
Our relationship was a matter of trial and error to start with. But as I was willing and – more importantly – able to be manhandled into position, the show could actually go on, as it were.
To say it was a revelation would be an understatement. I became aware of areas of my body that were hypersensitive. The more I was mentally engaged, the more I felt and enjoyed.
I could feel penetration and, even better, I could orgasm. These sensations are undoubtedly  different compared with before my accident. But while the damage to my spinal cord has affected large parts of my body, it is clear there are other nerve pathways working.

This points to other pathways and ways to experience sensations than the ones that people have talked about.  There is something beyond the normal physically mapped sensation and memoryinstruments that help us experience life.

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