Taslima Nasreen and Pusillanimity of Indian Secularism!

Taslima Nasreen and Pusillanimity of Indian Secularism!

Taslima Nasreen is in India. She went to Hyderabad and was roughed up. In fact, that isn’t all – in secular India – where attacks on MF Hussain were condemned and no one ever even talked of his hurting the “feelings” of the majority.. a POLICE CASE has been registered against Nasreen in Hyderabad!! What a shame! The pseudo-seculars in India are predictably quiet! And some Muslims did say something – but look at the twisted and hypocritic logic of these people:

Delhi Minorities Commission Chairperson Kamal Farooqui said the incident was condemnable, specially as three MLAs were involved in it.
But, he said, the government should also ensure that Nasreen is not allowed to do or write anything, which hurts the sentiments of Muslims.
“The government should immediately cancel her visa and make her go out of the country,” he said adding, “she should realise that this is not Bangladesh or Pakistan, but India where the sentiments of all communities are respected.”

Javed Akhtar’s was a sane voice but again he could not help bringing the name of Hindu organizations in the picture… as if the Islamic fundamentalists are a reaction to the Hindu fundamentalists!!

The incident was outrageous and shameful. In a civilised society, you have a right to approve or disapprove of anything,” noted lyricist and author Javed Akhtar said.
Observing that fundamentalists are becoming “bolder and bolder by the day,” he said, “these (the attackers) are the same people who criticise Bajrang Dal and VHP. What is the difference between them and the Hindu fundamentalist organisations.”

So, where do we go from here? It was the same pusillanimity when the Muhammad cartoon controversy broke out! Same silence from the pseudos and the Muslim “intellectuals”! Selective fight is the forte!

Meanwhile, Taslima Nasreen lives in fear of these Muslim extremists.

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