Chronicle: The Gujarat Verdict and Modi

Supreme Court Judgment quashing the petition filed by Zakia Ehsan Jafri finally puts an end to a saga of falsehoods, lies, betrayal, anarchy, and above all networks that worked against India. Let us look into the ordeal that Narendra Modi went through and what he was up against!

Chronicle: The Gujarat Verdict and Modi
We are sharing this newsletter because of the historic and landmark Supreme Court judgment. The normal newsletter will come at the regular time later. We were traveling last week so missed the last week's edition.

Modi will be a certainty

I used to write Annual Predictions every December for the next year for basically US, India, and Pakistan.  This was written in December 2008.  I am not an astrologer, nor a clairvoyant.  I look at the socio-economic situations and form my opinions.

My prediction that there will be mid-term elections did not pan out.  It may have, had the forces not pushed themselves to take the MMS regime through to the finishing line.  But that Modi will be the next PM was bang on. As well as the reasons for it.

Many do not remember the time of the MMS government, the frustrations, the depression, the complete hopelessness.  I do.  I still remember how in a temple gathering the local Houston priest started crying because of the level of corruption and the extreme helplessness of anyone to change things.  That picture got stuck in my mind forever.

Review of 2008 Predictions and New ones for 2009

The verdict and the crimes

The Supreme Court verdict has come.  On Friday, June 24th, 2022, a Supreme Court Bench comprising Justices AM Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari and C.T. Ravikumar finally dismissed a petition filed by Zakia Ehsan Jafri challenging the closure report filed by SIT.  Kapil Sibal represented Zakia (appellant) and SIT was represented by Mukul Rohatgi. (Live law)

Some of the things that were shared by the Supreme Court bench in its judgment are instructive.

Source: Livelaw

The bench then went on to say that the entire case and the way it was brought upon and run was a conspiracy in itself - basically "to keep the pot boiling, for ulterior design".   Finally, the judges said that all those who did this abuse "need to be in the dock and proceeded with in accordance with law".

Source: Livelaw

You can download the judgment here.

As a result of the Supreme Court judgment, an FIR has been filed against Teesta Setalvad in Gujarat.  Basis that, the Gujarat ATS has taken Teesta Setalvad into custody.  (Source: Bar & Bench)

Here is the FIR Copy.

As Supreme Court said, she is "in the dock".

Mainly offenses against her have been registered under Sections 194 (giving or fabricating false evidence), 211 (false charge of offense), 218 (Public servant framing incorrect record), 468 (Forgery for purpose of cheating), 471 (using forged document as genuine) and 120B (Criminal conspiracy) of IPC.

Over those years, I wrote several articles on what was happening, specifically the crimes that Teesta Setalvad was committing.

The deeds of Teesta Setalvad

First was how Teesta Setalvad's NGO was completing the forms on behalf of "victims" and filing them.  They were basically prepared by Teesta Setalvad and advocate Tirmiji and the "victims" had basically signed them. (Pseudo-Secularism and Teesta Setalvad's Cooking up Skills - April 27, 2009)

The next article on September 10, 2010 was more detailed as it went into the whole Best Bakery case, the Naroda Patia pregnant woman case and finally into how Teesta Setalvad was pushing things that were sure to create violence.  More importantly how she used Rais Khan against Zahira Sheikh of Best Bakery case and then how she threatened and used Rais Khan!  (Machiavellian Activism in Gujarat riots that jeopardized harmony and national security - Sept 10, 2010)

Then in August 2011, we shared how Teesta Setalvad got an anticipatory bail in the criminal case that Rais Khan, the hit-man hired by Setalvad to threaten Zahira Sheikh, had filed against her. (Gujarat Riots 2002: Teesta Setalvad gets Bail in Criminal Case filed by her aide – the hitman in Best Bakery case! - Aug 3, 2011)

We followed that up with the case of Rais Khan who told the Supreme Court as to how Teesta Setalvad made him “do certain acts which were not in the interest of communal harmony”. (Teesta Setalvad in trouble for having Cooked up Gujarat Riots “Evidence”! - Nov 27, 2011)

Finally, in December 2016, we shared how Teesta Setalvad usurped the money that was given for the 2002 victims and used it to buy stuff for herself, including wine and sanitary napkins!  Feroz Khan Pathan of Gulbarga Society shared that information on camera as well.  We have the videos too.  (How Teesta Setalvad Made 2002 Gujarat Riot Victims Pay for Her Sanitary Napkins! - Dec 2, 2016)

How did Teesta succeed in her crimes?

In 2012, former Gujarat high court judge and former Gujarat Lokayukta, Justice S M Soni wrote a public letter to the then Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia voicing his concerns on the conduct of the then-Supreme Court judge Justice Aftab Alam.  He laid out specific reasons why he thought the judge was communal in mind-set and even anti-constitution.  For this he cited, a speech delivered by Justice Alam titled 'The Idea of Secularism and Supreme Court of India' in 2009 in London.

Justice Alam had a series of judgments that showed a favorable treatment of cases in a certain way.  He betrayed a communal mindset favoring Islamist viewpoints.

You can read the letter here.

Now let us understand a few other things.

Remember Rais Khan?  The hit-man who was used by Teesta Setalvad to threaten Zahira Sheikh?  And then Rais Khan filed a criminal case on how Teesta Setalvad was jeopardizing communal harmony and national security?

The same guy.

He filed an application for Justice Alam to recuse from Khan's case because he was linked intricately with people and groups who were the accused.

Some of the things he discussed:

  1. Justice Alam’s daughter Shahrukh runs an NGO by the name of Patna Collective, which is linked to a Netherlands-based NGO, HIVOS.

A paper (Exploring New Sites of Social Transformation: Conversations with the Founder Members of the Patna Collective in India) was written by Alphen, E. van , Klooster, H. van for HIVOS (Download the paper here.), which was "based on conversations with Shahrukh Alam and Khalid Anis Ansari, who are the founding members of the Patna Collective."

Shahrukh is also linked to other organizations as the paper mentions.

Exploring New Sites of Social Transformation: Conversations with the Founder Members of the Patna Collective in India (Source)


2. HIVOS was funding Teesta Setalvad's NGO

A report on the funding details of the Center for Justice and Peace clearly showed that Teesta's NGO was being funded by HIVOS, the Netherlands, and several other organizations.


A letter was written in 2015 by "70 civil rights organizations" to protest the order by the Modi government for NGOs to follow rule of law with the warning that their licenses will be revoked if "due process is not followed"!

Asking Modi to “urgently review” all orders placing restraints on NGOs and “revoke” orders where due process has not been followed, the letter says, this should be particularly done in the case of INSAF, Peoples’ Watch, Sabrang Trust, Greenpeace India, Ford Foundation, HIVOS and ICCO, whose activities were sought to be stifled because of “vague, subjective or flimsy” grounds, without being offered any redressal mechanism (Source: Counterview)

Notice the NGOs mentioned here.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, ICCO and HIVOS fund projects which “oppose” discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. The Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF) is a national forum of over 700 movements and NGOs of India, while the People’s Watch has been monitoring human rights violations mainly in South India. (Source: Counterview)

Do you see the extent of their work and funding?  Just INSAF funds over 700 movements!


The link between Justice Alam and the funding of Teesta's NGOs was straightforward.  And Justice Alam's mindset was also pretty well documented.

Rais Khan then stated why Supreme Court Justice Alam should recuse himself.

“The proximate financial and other links of Ms Shahrukh Alam with institutions, bodies, NGOs and individuals related to the Gujarat riots and various litigations ensuing from there, by their very nature require that Justice Aftab Alam (should) decline to adjudicate the present case,”  (Source)

The ask was fair because the conflict of interest was clearly there.

Remember, this was the ask of Rais Khan, one time associate of Teesta who had threatened Zahira Sheikh in the Best Bakery case for her.  He knew Teesta and her organizations pretty well.

It is interesting to note how things are linked to each other in this ecosystem.  We went to the archived website of and checked out its main team members.  What they and specifically the Patna Collective was trying to do was quite instructive.

Just chronicling the crimes of Teesta was not enough.  It was also important to share the complete facts and truth of the case and what had happened in 2002.

That is why we researched and wrote a detailed article on the entire saga.

Why Modi was innocent, prima facie?

We wrote a detailed newsletter discussing the actual actions on every day as they happened.  The actions and the decisions that were taken by the Modi administration.

More importantly, we discussed things that no one in the media ever discussed - the impact of the Godhra and Gujarat riots on Operation Parakaram and the reason why the Army could not be sent immediately.

It is important to understand that the Godhra train burning was a pre-planned act orchestrated by the Muslim community there.  

This was brought out in the Nanavati Commission report.  

The Commission had heavily depended on the police investigation led by DIG Rakesh Asthana and conducted by Dy SP Noel Parmar, a Christian officer known for his efficiency.

Please read this newsletter in detail and share it with everyone.

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone: Issue #255 - Gujarat Riots - The Facts and the Truth
Art of deception is when facts are right in front of you and yet you draw completely opposite conclusions to the reality. Gujarat 2002 and connected events fall in that category. Lets learn the truth.

Such a man even walked the planet?

For 20 years, the worst that the scoundrels had to throw at a man in order to torture and humiliate him was done against Narendra Damodardas Modi.

But he followed his own principles.  Never fought the battle by sacrificing principles or rules.  Followed every letter of the law.

Even when he could have hit his enemy, he did not.

They - the enemy in media, politics, and NGOs - joined hands with those who were ready to break India and create anarchy and mayhem.  They rejoiced in their actions -

  • To insult him when he called the Gujarat investment summit or when he went on foreign visits
  • To deny him the US visa in order to characterize him as a pariah
  • To abuse him in the worst possible way while he never responded

Despite all that, his only objective has always been to work for India and make it a better place every day.

Even when he could have found short-cuts to power, he did not.  He could have proceeded against each one of them.  He didn't.

Now, as in accordance with the law, every one of them should be proceeded against.

But such people, like Modi - holding up to the highest of principles that any human can aspire for - are very rare.  

In politics, they are impossible.  

For subsequent generations, it will be difficult to even fathom that such a man, that too one of the most successful politicians, ever walked the planet!

Please watch this interview to fully understand what Narendra Modi actually went through all these 20 years.

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