ThinkIndia Speech of Modi and his vision: We finally have a Visionary and a Doer in our midst!

ThinkIndia Speech of Modi and his vision: We finally have a Visionary and a Doer in our midst!

This conference appearance and interaction of and with Narendra Modi is special.  In this, the attempt of the organizers was to discuss substantive stuff and not keep harping on the same “Gujarat 2002”.  Honestly, that has become the lamest kind of discussion around Modi.

Had Modi been in business, by now, he would have been in the league of Jack Welch and the Tatas of India as far as the ways of doing business is concerned and his popularity.  People talk about Nitish Kumar etc.  Honestly, apart from Chandrababu Naidu, I don’t know of any other political leader who has done good work and had the sagacity and finesse to market that.  You can’t just do good work, you have to know how to market your business well also. When Chandrababu was at the helm, one would see him making power-point presentations to the world business conference selling Andhra Pradesh.  Such was the impact that everyone from Bill Gates to Jack Welch made a bee line to his state.  I wonder how much FDI AP is getting, but if it is more than at Naidu’s time, then the numbers are surely fudged!

Modi also knows how to prepare and market his state like no one else.

But this speech is not about his selling his state.  This is about his vision.  From the most detailed – a Boiler Inspector’s work dynamics – to the most high level – Center State relations – he talks about everything, with authority and IN CONTEXT.  He is smart, gets things right and is willing to work with the current system but make sure the same system delivers more.  The most defining moment for me was when Raghav Bahl asked him about the Planning Commission.  His answer concluded by saying that the idea is not to change the systems.  First we should know how to USE what we have got!  And that is a very important insight.  Most of us want to change the system without first using it to its maximum potential.

All those who belittle his achievements and his contributions are dwarfs who cannot accept that they have someone truly worth-while to lead the country in front of them.  It will India’s greatest tragedy if Modi does not get to lead the country in 2014.

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