Thriller Story of how Income Tax Sleuths and CRPF Outsmarted Kamal Nath’s Government for a Massive Raid

Thriller Story of how Income Tax Sleuths and CRPF Outsmarted Kamal Nath’s Government for a Massive Raid

150 CRPF jawans were moving to Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.  The police intelligence officials in the state got a hint of such a large CRPF movement to the state.  So they sent for an explanation of that movement and why these jawans were moving to Madhya Pradesh?

In a plot from a thriller, CRPF jawans and IT sleuths descended on Kamal Nath @OfficeOfKNath and his aides to unearth several crores in tax evasion and hawala money laundering! #CorruptCongress  Click To Tweet

They were moving for elections and some “collaborative work” came the reply.

The “Collaborative work” was not explained in the communication.

As the CRPF men came in, the Income Tax sleuths from the Investigation Wing in Delhi and their units in Bhopal and Raipur zeroed in to their targets using buses, auto-rickshaws and taxis to keep the surprise element!

Well before dawn on Sunday, a massive crackdown started in 23 locations simultaneously (in Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Goa) against the illegal money, properties and assets of those who were close to Kamal Nath, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

The shameless arrest of the CBI officials by the fascist West Bengal Chief Minister is still fresh in everyone’s mind. So the secrecy and top level security back-up for the Income Tax officials was necessary.  Such is the lawlessness in the non-BJP states in India today, that a raid in an Indian state needs as much security backup as needed to go into Pakistan!!

You see, it has become a fashion to thwart the law enforcement work by the Central Agencies even when there is a corruption and loot worth several billions of rupees.  All the while, justifying the lawlessness of attacking the central agencies of India –  as Secular acts simply because Modi is the Prime Minister!  Every looting, and every plunder by those in political opposition to Modi is automatically secular by definition!

Praveen Kakkar’s offices and premises in Indore and Bhopal were raided and Rs 9 crore were confiscated by the IT officials.  Praveen Kakkar is Kamal Nath’s former Officer on Special Duty.  IT officials raided properties of people who are close to Kamal Nath for tax evasion and Hawala money laundering.

Those being raided include Rajendra Miglani, the former advisor of Kamal Nath, Nath’s brother-in-law’s firms, and nephew Ratul Puri’s company as well as against Kolkata-based businessman Paras Mal Lodha.

This Ratul Puri was also interrogated by the Enforcement Directorate in the AgustaWestland scam case.  So, the connections and links within the Congress and the corrupt are deep and wide.

Now, we know that the CRPF movement and entry into Madhya Pradesh was to guard the IT officials, who were fearful of abuse and violence against them by the State Government machinery.  Imagine the situation!!  And, all this was to dig out the illegal moneys and assets.

What have the raids unearthed?

IT searches divulge that Rs. 281 crores have been collected by Kamal Nath’s MLAs, and from businessmen for the election funding of Congress party. Furthermore, it is known that Rs. 20 crores were sent to the AICC headquarters on Saturday, as per sources. (source)

Meanwhile, as expected and feared by the IT officials, a major clash has started as the Madhya Pradesh police has refused to allow the CRPF to do their work of safeguarding the IT officials.  The Madhya Pradesh police officials are not only not allowing CRPF and IT officials to do their work, but are hurling abuses at them!

The CRPF official had to make an official statement about how his men were being abused and harassed by the Madhya Pradesh police.

Meanwhile the sources have told the Economic Times, that the cash confiscated was to be used to fund political campaign and bribe the voters in the coming Lok Sabha elections.  The seized cash collections are continuing to grow as we speak and more and more currency counting machines are being brought in!

Sources added there is a “strong possibility” of this cash being used as an election inducement to fund political campaigns and bribe voters in the poll-bound state and in Delhi.
A preliminary report of the raids has been shared with the Central Board of Direct Taxes, the policy-making body of the I-T department, and the Election Commission in Delhi, the sources told PTI.
The recovered cash figure continues to build up and more note counting machines are being arranged in Bhopal, they said. (source)

Just as the State Governments are hell bent on raping the very foundation of democracy and nation’s integrity, by first looting and plundering the state coffers and then stone-walling and even arresting central investigating authorities – as Mamata Bannerjee did and that Kamal Nath’s police is now in the process of doing – the Modi Government’s agencies have learnt their lessons.

Now, they will use stealth and secrecy when they have to bring the dirty and corrupt state officials to book.  For, these corrupt politicians and their stooges will stop at nothing!

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