When Millions Should be Killed to Mourn a Few Thousands!

Last updated on Aug 16, 2006

Posted on Aug 16, 2006

It has become so fashionable to talk of peace these days and blaming the World.. yes.. actually the West and the others in the world for all the mess in the Islamic world and the direct connection between Poverty and Terrorism that it nauseates me no end!! This argument of:

Poverty > Anger > Pronto Killing Mind > Terrorism

does not hold good given the evidence of the terrorist profiles!

Most (all?) of the 20 hijackers of 9-11 were Saudis – certainly aint poor!! And the train bombers in London Tube blasts again werent the poorest folks in the world as was the case with these 21 idiots!

If anything, Atta had been wired USD 100,000 by ISI chief through (later to become) Daniel Pearl’s killer! If THAT is the kind of money that one gets – interest-free may I add (not Islamic right??) – from a POOR country…. can you even begin to imagine what these guys are playing with??

Lastly, Osama was one among the RULING CLASS of Saudi Arabia… he had no business to go sit in a cave and start a killing factory?? He did! Not only he.. lots … and lots of his cronies!!

You know what.. I fully get this consciousness, non-violent, anti-war and peace stuff.. it is an important movement… but there comes a time in every generation and era when someone has to finally confront those around and ask for explanations!!

When political correctness becomes a really bad policy.. as the coming future years will be (I am convinced beyond any doubt)… for a common Muslim kid and people.. as well as their counterparts in other areas/religions/atheists!

If, instead of weighing the burden of Versailles and legacy of anger and humiliation, someone had confronted Hitler for what he actually was… we could have been spared the WWII… but then we need good people to wake us up to peace!

a “Peace” for which MILLIONS oughta get killed …. so that we, the politically correct, can mourn the few thousands!!

What did we call this exciting game of death the other day?? Yeah .. “Non-violence Movement”. Huh!!

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