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Soft Power and Bollywood

Bollywood and Indian Soft Power – How and why are they linked?                                                                         September 2, 2020

kamala harris

Was Kamala Harris an Anchor Baby?                                                                         August 14, 2020

Chinese media influence and Subversion of India                                                                         August 11, 2020

Is democracy dead?                                                                         November 28, 2021

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone – Issue #67: Be a Vishnu                                                                         July 18, 2020

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone – Issue #66: Srishti, not Kriti! and Surya Siddhanta                                                                         July 18, 2020

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone – Issue #65: The Problem of unsolicited Answers                                                                         July 16, 2020

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone – Issue #64: Virtual Water Trade and its impact                                                                         July 15, 2020

Virtual Water Trade in India – A definitive guide                                                                         July 15, 2020

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone – Issue #63: When power implodes – story of Last Moghul’s grand-daughter                                                                         July 15, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      var jnews_module__45_61ee8e90618be = {"header_icon":"","first_title":"","second_title":"","url":"","header_type":"heading_6","header_background":"","header_secondary_background":"","header_text_color":"","header_line_color":"","header_accent_color":"","header_filter_category":"","header_filter_author":"","header_filter_tag":"","header_filter_text":"All","post_type":"post","content_type":"all","number_post":"10","post_offset":"0","unique_content":"disable","include_post":"","exclude_post":"","include_category":"","exclude_category":"35,4595,4509","include_author":"","include_tag":"","exclude_tag":"","post_tag":"","ngl_newsletter_cat":"","sort_by":"latest","date_format":"default","date_format_custom":"Y\/m\/d","force_normal_image_load":"","pagination_mode":"disable","pagination_nextprev_showtext":"","pagination_number_post":6,"pagination_scroll_limit":0,"boxed":"","boxed_shadow":"","el_id":"","el_class":"","scheme":"","column_width":"auto","title_color":"","accent_color":"","alt_color":"","excerpt_color":"","css":"","compatible_column_notice":"","paged":1,"column_class":"jeg_col_2o3","class":"jnews_block_20"};

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Xinjiang capital – Urumqi – goes into ‘War-time’ Mode

Air bubble between India, Germany and France for plane travel

Rajnath Singh visits soldiers near LoC in Kupwara

COVID India cases spike to 35,000 a day, deaths above 26,000

Joe Biden warns of Russian Election Meddling

Joe Biden embraces Islamists to jeopardize ties with India                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          var jnews_module__46_61ee8e9075962 = {"header_icon":"","first_title":"","second_title":"","url":"","header_type":"heading_6","header_background":"","header_secondary_background":"","header_text_color":"","header_line_color":"","header_accent_color":"","header_filter_category":"","header_filter_author":"","header_filter_tag":"","header_filter_text":"All","post_type":"post","content_type":"all","number_post":"6","post_offset":"0","unique_content":"disable","include_post":"","exclude_post":"","include_category":"4595,35","exclude_category":"","include_author":"","include_tag":"","exclude_tag":"","post_tag":"","ngl_newsletter_cat":"","sort_by":"latest","show_date":"","date_format":"default","date_format_custom":"Y\/m\/d","pagination_mode":"disable","pagination_nextprev_showtext":"","pagination_number_post":4,"pagination_scroll_limit":0,"ads_type":"disable","ads_position":1,"ads_random":"","ads_image":"","ads_image_tablet":"","ads_image_phone":"","ads_image_link":"","ads_image_alt":"","ads_image_new_tab":"","google_publisher_id":"","google_slot_id":"","google_desktop":"auto","google_tab":"auto","google_phone":"auto","content":"","ads_bottom_text":"","boxed":"","boxed_shadow":"","show_border":"","el_id":"","el_class":"","scheme":"","column_width":"auto","title_color":"","accent_color":"","alt_color":"","excerpt_color":"","css":"","compatible_column_notice":"","paged":1,"column_class":"jeg_col_2o3","class":"jnews_block_28"};



All ancient civilizations have died, except the Indic. Despite invasions, colonialism and attack. We align with that wisdom to look at every issue and context.

Dharma focused

There is Belief. And, there is Seeking.  Dharma is the path to seek the eternal. We pick apart the make-believe beliefs to focus on the Dharmic!

Curated & Editor Written

We look beyond the surface deep into the layers of many intriguing details. Stereotype and run-of-the-mill is not us.

Honest & Direct

We are Politically Incorrect. If Freedom of Expression is problematic for you, please skip our work. If you value expression.. powerful expression, you will love our work.

[/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″]PoliticalLeadersInnovators[vc_column_text]In the last 500 years, India’s share of great political leaders has been rather low.  Very few have risen to level of being responsible, having clarity and ability to execute.  We look at those who have enriched the nation through hard work and clarity of perspective.

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Netaji Subhash Bose: Greatest Political Genius

Very few people have done what Netaji Subhash Bose did in his one lifetime.  Ultimately, he was responsible for India’s independence.

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All about Modi

Critics and fans have said a lot about him.  We look at his work and machinations of those who hate him in fact-based detailed articles.

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[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_separator]SpiritualBeingsMasters[vc_column_text]India’s land has been blessed by many great spiritual beings and masters. We write about them and their work. Check out all of them on this page.

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Shiva - the Adiyogi and Adiguru

Shiva is the beginning of all Spirituality on this planet.  He was where beings on this planet learned to touch bliss off of their own accord.  And use this human body to live in society and touch the primordial consciousness.

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Krishna: 'I Am All'

Krishna was no ordinary being.  He took every dimension of human experience and living to its extreme and lived a life that continues to reverberate even today.  Articles on Him and His work.

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Sadhguru: Complete Being

Sadhguru is an amazing being.  One such come in many centuries. We share our experiences of Him and His work.

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What is Truth and Why it is Not a Belief?on 09 May 2018, in Spirituality, Yoga

What is Truth and Why it is Not a Belief?on 09 May 2018, in Spirituality, Yoga

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Why Drishtikone?

Despite the onslaught of those of manufactured gods and self-anointed beliefs, Indian Civilizational ethos survived and thrived. There is a reason. It searches deep within the womb of existence. A search that creates Masters of human destiny. Belief and treachery can kill the human body but not the existential. That is what drives the Indian civilization. For its seekers did not seek god, any god. But the Truth. We evaluate every aspect of the global happenings using that benchmark. This is Drishtikone: The Indian Civilizational Perspective![/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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