Kashmir does NOT Belong to Pakistan: A Fact-based Primer

Kashmir does NOT Belong to Pakistan: A Fact-based Primer

There are many buffoons in India, but the ignorant idiots take the cake.  And, 90% of all Indians I have met are completely clueless about Kashmir.  In fact, cluelessness and ignorance has been deliberately cultivated in India by the governments over the last 65 years on Kashmir.  From Nehru to Manmohan Singh, every Congress PM tried to mislead the country and also barter away India’s security and interests.

Now, we have another buffoon – Farooq Abdullah, with no idea of history or facts blurt out the speech that the ISI gave him.

Opposition National Conference president Farooq Abdullah said on Saturday that talk of an independent Kashmir was “wrong” as the Valley is landlocked and surrounded by three nuclear powers — China, Pakistan and India.
Abdullah also claimed that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) belongs to Pakistan and “this won’t change” no matter how many wars India and Pakistan fight against each other.

Even the actor, Rishi Kapoor, in his brotherhood with his Peshawari roots, has said that PoK belongs to Pakistan.  Given he facts and the history of Kashmir, it is akin to saying that if someone – using terror – grabs half of RK Studios, that would be his.  Is that how he looks at Kashmir?  The implications of Kashmir go far deeper than just mere “Punjabi brotherhood” or that oft-repeated fakery called “Kashmiriyat”.  One would hope that someone like Rishi Kapoor gets himself educated on matters that are not just frivolous issues.

Let us get a few facts in place on Kashmir.

  1. There is no such thing as Kashmiriyat.  It is a euphemism for Islamism.  Please read – Kashmir Engagement Rules Need to Change Fundamentally When Islamist Supremacism is the Agenda
On August 15, 1947; Kashmir WAS a Free Country!

Let me say that again (read slowly) – On August 15, 1947, when India became free, Jammu and Kashmir was a FREE COUNTRY!  They sent a Standstill agreement, which Pakistan signed and acknowledged that Kashmir was a free sovereign and Maharaja Hari Singh was its ruler.  That was Pakistan’s admission under International law.

  1. When Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession, which was the way for Princely states to align with either Pakistan or India after the British left, Kashmir – the entire Kashmir, NOT J&K or PoK – became part of India.  Legally, Statutorily and by every international rule.
  2. And, that “Plebiscite” thing that all the uneducated “Kashmir activist” keep talking about?  It is not even valid anymore.  There were three conditions per the UN Security Council resolution that was NOT mandatory but recommendatory in nature as it was under Article 6 (would have been mandatory if it was under Article 7 of the Council’s charter, which it was NOT!).
Courtesy : Wikimedia
Pakistan Occupied Kashmir was a land grab

.  It was and is an illegal occupation of a large part of India’s land by Pakistan.  There is no other way to look at it.  And, given how Pakistan has over the years funded terror in Kashmir in the name of “freedom” has been well known.  In just 2015-16, Pakistan pumped in Rs 100 crore to fund the terrorism in Kashmir.  And, then it goes around touting that as an “independent freedom movement”, which it obviously is not.  Money has been sent to those stone pelters via hawala channels to fake a protest .

Here are a couple of links that explain the situation of issues in Kashmir

Please read the detailed history of Kashmir – Part 1 and Part 2 – here for complete information on how things in Kashmir came to this pass.

Videos on the True Facts of Kashmir

Here is a video where Dr. Subramanian Swamy clarifies the history of Kashmir in terms of the independence and the UN resolution.

If you think this is by someone biased to India, let us look at what others have been saying based on the facts of the case.  So, first we will go to Christine Fair – a US based Pakistan analyst who thrashes a Pakistan “Fullbright scholar” on the resolutions and Kashmir.

Then let us look at what Barrister Hamid Bashani, an ethnic Kashmiri from PoK side who now lives in Canada says:

Now, we will listen to Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, on the program by ethnic Kashmiris living in Canada.

These are people who state the facts the way they are.  They are not using fakery or some emotional rhetoric.  But plain simple historical facts.  Based on these facts, it is obvious that Pakistan has no locus standii in PoK.

Pakistan is an occupying force and it has to vacate Kashmir.

Per basic facts, that is the truth!

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