Why Yogi Adityanath was Critically Needed As UP Chief Minister

Why Yogi Adityanath was Critically Needed As UP Chief Minister

Secularism in India thrives on make-believe.  It has been very tough for Secular media and politicians to face facts.  They have made minorities the holy cows and mince meat of facts and what has been good for many and the nation.  The burden of Secularism has been thrust upon the Hindus.  And, that they have had to pay with their blood and dismantling of their culture.  All the while calling upon the open-ness of Hinduism to come forth and bear the cost and burden.  The inherent intolerance and nastiness of other communities and ideologies has been taken to be the birth right of the so-called minorities and been the “normal” that everyone has had to live by.  If Kashmiriyat had to be saved, it wasn’t incumbent upon the Kashmiri Muslims to pay for the relentless genocide and torture that they brought upon the Pandits there.  Every Secular has made a career out of justifying the route of terror for Muslims in Kashmir.  The Pandits, however, were held to completely different standards.  Forget about resorting to arms, the Pandits have not even been allowed to voice their issues in forums designed for Kashmiris  or even go back to their homeland under security.

It has been very easy for the Secularists to simply announce RSS as a devil (communal in their lingo) and then bash everything with that tool.  The movement that brought Modi to the helm was a movement of departures from caricatures that the Left and Congress had created within India.  People went behind the veil of lies and deception and looked at Modi for what he really was, not what media was trying their best to paint him as!

After India’s Independence, Nehru knew that if Jan Sangh was allowed any leeway, it would win the power in subsequent years.  Ironically, he was Jinnah’s political brother.  What bothered Jinnah also bothered Nehru.  What if Hindus voted en masse as Hindus?  So he and subsequent Congress and Leftist administrations made Hindu a bad word.  And despite the fact that the Court had specifically confirmed that RSS had no role in Gandhi’s assassination, the canard of RSS involvement in Gandhi’s assassination was spread as if that was the truth!  Interestingly, when Nehru’s great grand son Rahul Gandhi repeated the same lie that his family had always set in stone in the Secular folk lore, and was challenged in the court – he apologized for his lie!

Rahul had made these accusations during a Thane rally in March 2014. “RSS people killed Gandhiji and today their people (BJP) talk of him…They opposed Sardar Patel and Gandhiji,” Rahul had said then.  Today, though, he said quite the opposite.
On July 19, the Supreme Court told Rahul to express regret for his comments holding the RSS responsible for Gandhi’s assassination or be ready to face a defamation trial.
“Why did you make a sweeping statement against the RSS branding everyone associated with the organization in the same brush… You can’t make wholesale denunciation of an organization,” the SC bench said while hearing the defamation case.

Of course, the liar of the Gandhi family had earlier thought that the heritage of his family could come to save him.  It didn’t!  If only he had listened to the former Supreme Court justice KT Thomas on this matter.

There are many reasons why RSS has never indulged in actions of disharmony.  For, if they really had it as part of their DNA, then it would have happened long back.  After all, for the same lie that Rahul Gandhi was reprimanded by the Supreme Court and had to lose face, his great Grand-father Nehru persecuted hundreds of thousands of RSS workers post-Gandhi assassination with just one goal – to make Hindu the dirty word.  A reign of terror befitting a despot and a dictatorship was unleashed on so many Hindus who were merely suspected to be RSS workers or sympathizers.

A secret file (No. F-74(1)-P/48) reveals government employees were under surveillance from Intelligence Bureau  (IB) spies and suspended from their jobs on the suspicion that they were RSS sympathisers. Another government file (No. 68-P/48-A) notes the IB was tasked to shadow all those suspected to have RSS links, including students as young as 15, who were watched by CID personnel of their states. This was exactly what happened during the Emergency, when according to L K Advani’s A Prisoner’s Scrap Book around 105,000 RSS members were arrested as well as 8,000 satyagrahis who demonstrated against the draconian laws of the time. The secret file includes a letter trail from states informing that spy agency officials, including G K Handoo, who as Inspector General of Police, UP, and R N Kao, who later become the first chief of R&AW, about action taken against the suspects. Though the probe into Gandhi’s murder gave a clean chit to RSS, thousands of its members were hounded and imprisoned because of the ban.

Nehru’s Home Secretary HVR Iyenger wrote to all the states on December 12, 1948 to suspend and arrest government employees even if they are found to be watching a procession of RSS on the street.  Such was the level of persecution.  There was gag order on the media as well by the then government against anything positive being published about RSS.

Many, including some of my family friends, were victims of this Scorched Earth policy by Congress.  So, I understand the extent and the severity of the persecution that happened.

It was in such an atmosphere that most of the current leadership of BJP was born and raised.  The resistance of the RSS and the Hindu organizations to the persecution by the Seculars – Congress, the Left and the others – and the stories of those who kept the flame of self-belief and truth alive, has been the soil where the leaders of today’s India were cultivated.

The persecution of Modi and his friends is now well known – specially with the evidence of deception and treason by Congress coming out so openly in the Ishrat Jahan case (also read about their treason).  When the young Yogi Adityanath faced similar treatment, he broke down in the Indian parliament and sobbed like a child.  This man was being painted as a devil by the Seculars!

Gorakhpur Riots And Targeting of Yogi Adityanath

In January 2007, roughly 10 years ago, a Moharram procession was passing in a Muslim dominated area by a marriage hall.  A few people from the Moharram procession went into the hall and started molesting the girls there.  The people there – Hindus – chased those Muslim youth out.  These Muslim youth ran and mingled with the Moharram crowd.  The police that was going along with the procession instead of inquiring into the truth, arrested one of those Hindus who had chased the youth out of the hall.  At this point the Muslim crowd got violent and dragged the Hindu guy who had been arrested and beat him to death!

It was then that a curfew was imposed in the area.

It was then that Yogi Adityanath vowed justice for the Hindu youth and announced a peaceful torchlight procession as well as a “Shraddhanjali Sabha”.  Yogi Adityanath was then arrested and remanded to jail for a fortnight, on charges of disturbing peace!  That snow-balled into more violence.

Its this that has been held against Yogi Adityanath ever since.

The other issue that he brought up and has been fighting as have been many others (like Tapan Ghosh in West Bengal) is Love Jihad.  It is a reality and it has been part and parcel of the toolset that the Islamists use in every society.  European societies have seen the use of what is called Grooming, where Pakistani Muslims have been luring and deceiving White girls and then converting them to use them in terrorism.  The same has been happening in India.  Please read – Love Jihad in India and Europe – Its Historical and Empirical context and Denial by vested Interests – to know why Grooming or Love Jihad is an established tool of subjugation used by Muslims the world over.  It is a religious-criminal issue and it should have been dealt with by firm law and order enforcement.  But instead, it was made into “Communal” issue and thus swept under the carpet.  It was a devastating example of how Secular morons in the Indian society endorsed abuse of helpless women by denying justice purely because of their religion.  These Hindu women, till today, are paying the same price of upholding the burden of Secularism that the Kashmiri Pandits have paid.  Even raising their voice is considered treachery by the very people who are willing to migrate out of India to uphold the right of Freedom of Expression!

Why Yogi Adityanath was Needed in UP

It is this hypocrisy and systemic persecution of Hindu voice and life that has been the soil where folks like Adityanath and Modi have been raised.  It is the soil of resistance against the treachery , hypocrisy, injustice, genocide, and abuse by the Secular fascists and despots.  Those who gagged the media and arrested people on the basis of suspected intent!!  And yet were hailed as paragons of justice and Secularism.

State of UP, where Gorakhpur riots were unleashed, predicated as they were indeed on the sense of entitlement and swagger of being above the law by Muslim groups – it is very much in order that someone who was the victim of Secular fascism will be the next Chief Minister!

The time to dismantle the Fascism of the Indian Seculars to install the culture of embrace that India has had has come.  It is the culture where every persecuted soul was welcomed millennia before Statue of Liberty was ever conceived.  IT was not a moral statement or political slogan for Hindus – it was their inherent life force!

True equality will happen when administration – any administration – is blind to the religion of the public.  But if there is evidence of terror or aggression by anyone in the name of religion, then he/she is firmly dealt with!  Threat of violence by any group out of their sense of entitlement notwithstanding!

This is why Yogi Adityanath was needed in UP and is the right choice by the BJP!

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