Drishtikone in 2023 - a Review of the Work

Drishtikone Newsletters shared a lot of information on topics as diverse as Success to Khalistan to AI to Azerbaijan. Geopolitics and Culture! We do a review of the year's writings and an offer for a dialog!

Drishtikone in 2023 - a Review of the Work
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“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I am in the process of writing a book. Broadly, the topic can be summed up as "What has really happened to and with India?"

It is intense and is taking a lot out of me.

I had thought that with all the information and knowledge that had been gained during all these newsletters over the past 3 years would make it an easy task.

But when I started writing, I realized I needed to go deeper. What I thought would take a few weeks, would take longer. So this week, we cannot focus on writing a newsletter with the quality it deserves.

Since we are at the end of the year, it is in order that we review the year though.

Let us take a peak. Btw, we have put a list of all the pieces this year at the bottom of the post.

Diverse Topics, Serious Analysis

The year started with the piece "How to Succeed in Life?" where we looked at the epidemic of despair and depression and the consequent drug habits now prevalent. We went on to look at happiness and what it entails. Covering several areas, we differentiated between being lonely and being alone. Two different things.

We have covered so many topics during the year:

  • Indian Currency Scandal and the run to demonetization
  • Green Energy and the imperialist game being played in its wake
  • The stunt of Hindenberg Report - what we said at that time and what the courts finally said was not too off
  • The attacks on India - whether economically or by the Soros empire, the foreign forces. We looked at them all from various angles.
  • We brought up the history of Khalistan, the neo-Sikhism movement, and how the British sabotaged Sikhism. This series brought together information on Sikhism and the Khalistan movement that has not been covered anywhere. Even for us, this was a go-to guide for many topics that we have gone back to again and again.
  • By April, we started looking at how perilously the world was close to a global war. The geopolitical shifts taking place and what new technologies would do in that direction.
  • During this time we shared a piece on spirituality on Ram and Dharma
  • The world was changing and so were the roles and situations in India, Pakistan, the US, and the West. We covered them all. Looking at how Modi's US visit was impacted by such politics and how geo-economics was not going to remain the same for long.
  • Quite honestly, the world has been in flux and 2024 will be a very crucial year because of three elections - Bangladesh, India, and the US. Roles of the US, China, and Russia - in that sequence - will be critical. American democracy is not what it used to be and it will change further.

We have shared all this and more in our analysis throughout the year. Please go through the posts that we have listed below. We are sure you would have followed them as they appeared in your mailbox. But this is a good time to review what you have seen in the year and evaluate the analysis. Do the current events and situations bear out the insights we got from the analysis shared earlier?

Please share with us which were your top three favorite pieces and why.

This would help create a dialog between us as opposed to a monolog that goes on every week.

If you want to share anything else with us, please do that too. Many of the subscribers read the newsletter, but very few have responded or commented. For a healthier analytical understanding of our times, we need a robust dialog.

What were the top three Drishtikone Newsletters in 2023 in your view and why?

We have many amazing subscribers - businesspersons, scientists, think tanks, thinkers, and storytellers. The views they can bring to the table can have immense value.

There are 2000 subscribers like you. Eclectic, accomplished, thinking and diverse folks from very different walks of life. Every week, at least 500 subscribers open the newsletter. Many thousands come via Google searches to the site to read.

They read and share.

Some readers have become close friends. We have seen some of the stuff written show up on TV debates sometimes by well-known persons in very similar articulation as was shared in the newsletter. The impact is silent, under the radar but definite.

So, this year, we would love to have diverse views on completely different topics.

Do you want to write on Drishtikone?

Share your writing with us

Ideally, at least one newsletter should be written by our subscribers. So, please send us your writings on any topic. Does not have to be related to geopolitics or politics.

Something totally different on science or even nuances of photography or entrepreneurship - would be great as long as it is insightful, engaging, and has analytical backup.

We want to promote that kind of thinking in our midst.

Kind of like the difference between say, a Zanjeer and Vaccine War. One may have been a commercial success but in terms of serious work and scholarship, the latter scored over the former many times over.

Similarly, many channels and sites peddle trash and get views. That is not what we are after. We need serious scholarship and analysis.

So please do join us in the new year. We will obviously ensure that the quality our readers expect is met in these pieces.

Let us make this platform more interactive in the coming year.

Drishtikone in 2023

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